Mitsubishi Montero Sport Price in the Philippines (as of May 2012)

Mitsubishi Montero Sport Price in the Philippines (as of May 2012): The Mitsubishi Montero Sport is a very popular medium-sized sport utility vehicle (SUV) that is available with either a 4X2 or a 4X4 drivetrain. It became so popular that it beats its direct competitor, the Toyota Fortuner, in terms of units sold.

Currently, there are five variants of Mitsubishi Montero Sport: GLX-V 4×2 (5-speed Manual), GLS-V 4×2 (5-speed Automatic), GLS-V 4×4 (5-speed Manual), GT-V 4×4 (5-speed Automatic), GLS 2.7 Gasoline (5-speed Automatic). All 2.5 Liter Diesel variants comes with Variable geometry turbocharger producing highest output of 178 hp and 350 Nm (Automatic) or 400 Nm (Manual) of Torque.

We have here a price list (updated as of May 2012) of different Mitsubishi Montero Sport models that are being offered here in the Philippines:

2012 Montero Sport 2.5 GLX 4×2 MT (non-VGT): Php 1,198,000.00

2012 Montero Sport 2.5 GLX 4×2 AT (non-VGT): Php 1,298,000.00

2012 Montero Sport 3.0G GLS 4X2 AT (V6): Php 1,440,000.00

2012 Montero Sport 2.5 GLS-V 4×2 AT: Php 1,448,000.00

2012 Montero Sport 2.5 GLS-V 4×4 MT: Php 1,530,000.00

2012 Montero Sport GTV 2.5 4×4 AT: Php 1,708,000.00

Quick Facts: The Montero Sport is named the Challenger in Japan. It is known as Montero Sport in North America and some parts of the world including the Philippines, G-wagon in Thailand, Nativa in Puerto Rico, Shogun Sport in the United Kingdom, and Pajero Sport in Europe.


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