Samsung NX20 Compact Digital Camera

The NX20 is Samsung’s latest addition to the growing NX family. This camera boasts of a large 20.3MP APS-C sized sensor. It is capable of shooting 8 frames per second to make sure you capture all the action and records a full high definition video at 1080p.

The NX20 is a Samsung smart camera so it has built-in Wi-Fi, which allows you to share your pictures in a variety of ways. Let’s take a look at the Samsung NX20’s compact body. The front of the camera has a pronounced ergonomic grip making the camera easy and comfortable to hold with one hand. Along with the lens mount, we have a customizable depth of field preview button and the lens release button. On the top is a built-in flash with a release button and there’s a hot shoe for additional flashes and accessories. The mode dial is used to change the camera to various modes. In addition to the new Wi-Fi mode, you’ll notice a custom setting that allows users to save up to three profiles in the camera.

The power switch surrounds the shutter button of the Samsung NX20. There is also a jog dial to change various settings, a metering button and a green button that is used to reset values in certain menus. Also located on top of the Samsung NX20 are stereo microphones. On the right side of the camera, we have the speaker while its left side gives access to the microHDMI port as well as the microUSB port.

On the back of the Samsung NX20 you will find the SVGA electronic viewfinder with diopter adjustment. This viewfinder has 1.4 million dots for sharp viewing plus there’s a proximity sensor in the eyepiece that turns on the viewfinder as you bring it up to your eye. The back displays a 3-inch clear AMOLED screen that swivels for ease of use. The great thing about AMOLED is that it produces a more accurate color reproduction than LCD, has a faster refresh rate, uses less power and is viewable in sunlight.

The back of the Samsung NX20 also has several buttons to quickly adjust key settings such as the dedicated video record button, exposure control and exposure lock. Some of these buttons can be customized in the profile menu depending on the user’s preferences. One of the quickest ways to change key settings is utilizing the Smart Panel. To access the Smart Panel, simply press the Fn button on the back of the camera. Now, by using the scroll wheel or jog dial, you can adjust key settings all from within the same menu. Finally, on the bottom you’ll find the chamber for the battery and memory card as well as the tripod mount.

As for some of the standout features in the camera, the Samsung NX20 features Samsung’s own 20.3 megapixel APS-C sized CMOS sensor for amazing photos with crisp details. This camera gives users greater creative control over their images. If speed is your thing, this camera has an advanced contrast autofocus system and a shutter lag of only 40 milliseconds, all for quick and accurate shooting.

The Samsung NX20 has an ultrafast 1/8000 of a second shutter speed to freeze motion and the ability to capture both RAW and JPEG images at 8 frames per second at the full 20 megapixel resolution. This feature allows users to capture every decisive moment in sharp, stunning detail. For low-light shooting, the camera’s ISO can be set up to 12800 and its noise reduction system allows for clean and clear images. For recording movies, the Samsung NX20 can record full high-def video at 1080p.

Because the Samsung NX20 is a Smart Camera with Wi-Fi built-in, users can share their images immediately from the camera in a variety of ways. Users can also share images and videos directly to Picasa, Facebook, YouTube, and PhotoBucket or email friends and family the images directly from the camera. There are also additional options for sending photos directly to the cloud utilizing Microsoft SkyDrive and even performing automatic back up to your PC.

As you can see, Samsung’s latest compact system camera, the Samsung NX20, combines the capabilities of capturing stunning photos with the ability of instant sharing all in a compact form factor.

Samsung NX20 Digital Camera Price in the Philippines: Approximately Php 45,500.00

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  1. The Samsung NX20 has an ultrafast 1/8000 of a second shutter speed to freeze motion and the ability to capture both RAW and JPEG images at 8 frames per second at the full 20 megapixel resolution.
    samsung nx-20 review

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