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I’ve been waiting to write something about a good earpiece from a good company at a good price, i.e., much more affordable. I always get choked to hear about pricey headphones that all the while were actually expensive because of the sound experience they bring. Thanks to Bose, one of the leading headphone providers, for letting me get in touch with its new headphone, the AE2.

At first I thought the Bose AE2 was a prank, or a prawn. I really do not know because as far as I knew, good-quality headbands come in great curves and heavyweight body. The AE2’s different in such a way that it promises immersive audio quality in a body much lighter and portable than ever. The headband may seem stiff and brittle, but actually is a very versatile one to bring along. The circumaural headphone comes in a technology wherein weight is well-distributed to all sections of the device, which means cups are as light as it should be and does not pull the whole of the headphone down.

I also love the flip-to-flat design built into the cups of the Bose AE2. In such a way, I can actually fold the cups to make it look like a textbook but not the weight. With the included carry bag, AE2 is not so much a clutter in contrast to leading competitor’s design that looks like a crate when stored. However, the case is not that sturdy enough to provide a good shelter for the headband, making the experience feel like something’s shaking up inside.

The ear cushions of the Bose AE2, compared to predecessors, are actually improved. Though the same memory-sensitive plush foams are used, comfort is almost 60% better, which means much more hours of sustained listening without breaks. The headband is also durable and flexible enough, and can even be well adjusted without the hassle. The only problem with the headband, I think, is that it’s too narrow and does not proportion in look with the ear cups.

The new Bose AE2 features the company-original tri-pod acoustic headphone structure that makes the sound quality extraordinary compared to conventional headphones on the market. The sound quality is excellent enough, but not as powerful like Shure’s designs that are fitting to chronic audiophiles. However, the lows and very much extended that you can actually feel like ‘drowning’ because of the depth, and the highs hit just right without breaking the string. The midtones sound very comfortable and smooth, and playing music can let you hear separate instruments. Hi-hats and triangles are very much heard that you can actually visualize how these instruments are further positioned against each other. However, for voice and speech, there’s a little drawback since the voice doesn’t sound quite natural as expensive competitors.

One change also that took place in this new release from Bose is the detachable cable that is now attachable to but only one ear cup. What this means is that, you don’t get the hassle of fixing the wires over and over again each time you put this on and off your head. The detachable feature also helps in sustaining material life, and materials can be bought separately instead of claiming whole package remorse.

One downside of this headband from Bose is that, it is not noise-intolerant. This may sound like a not-so-strong feature, however, isolating ambient noise is indeed an important factor if you want a fully immersive listening experience. There may be a component or two that helps keep the noise out of the room, but not that powerful enough for you to be still. Nevertheless, sound quality is still saved because of how the acoustic technology integration brings each frequency to life.

At a price of just about $150, this new AE2 from Bose is definitely a good item for your list of must-buys. The price is very much affordable compared to competitors’ headphones that can cost up to $699. The Bose AE2 is a good item for everyday comfortable listening, though for pros and audiophiles, you may want to look for better—and more expensive—options out there.

Bose AE2 Headphones Price in the Philippines: Approximately Php 6,750.00         

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