Canon EOS-1D X DSLR Camera

Canon, like Nikon, has been catering ‘elephant’ cameras for so many years now. These elephants have hosted so many events and have taken many crystal-clear pictures that shook the world of photography where rookies and pros await for food. Now, a new DSLR from Canon has brought a shine on this wall of fame again where other elephants can be found: the EOS-1D X is simply a gear that everyone would want to bring in the cold war between photographers.

The casing of the Canon EOS-1D X looked really sturdy and ‘physically-fit,’ and the weight—like its predecessors—has just proved the worth of two palms. Since this is what I love to call as another elephant, you won’t see this much in the most common of events because by all means people wanted something that comes smaller but can still make them happy. Yes, you bet it, this is only for real professional.

For those real fans of the 1D series, you can immediately realize that there’s no dramatic change in design, except for a few recalculations and relocation of controls. Like the Canon EOS-1D X’s predecessors, this model is specifically designed for capturing in an erect position, i.e., vertical. Buttons like modes and AF Drive are easily identified and categorized in place, and the secondary shutter release and other dials are easily accessed on the other side of the camera. Batteries also fit properly while ensuring easy swapping when needed. The design from Canon also sports its signature pentaprism, which is a bit elevated for optional lamps like the Speedlite flash.

One reason also why Canon must be congratulated with the EOS-1D X is that it featured a very customizable interface on the operation software side of the camera. The dial can be easily assigned with numerous options or modes for quick access. What this means is that, photographers with this camera at hand can be set free from the trap of getting lost in navigation while the rare moment is hot and set.

A lot of configurations have been reset and added in this new design so it takes a while to master the operations before going on the battlefield. A new feature is also added that made the Canon EOS-1D X very appreciated: the famous 12fps burst shooting that can even come in quiet mode for discrete but sure shots. The downside of this is that, after capturing like tens of dozens of shot using this feature, a slowing-down can be noticed.

Images produced by the Canon EOS-1D X are of no way excused from the competition. As tested, images shot with an ISO of about 50k while traveling did not miss a detail but not much on the graininess. The detail is extremely sharp at a page zoom of 100% or more, which makes persons identifiable even if they are a hundred feet away. The color shades also seemed to balance by itself even for night shots, which makes the Canon EOS-1D X ideal for night-outs and casino breaks.

The new 61pt. Hi-Density AF of the Canon EOS-1D X also caters a more accurate shooting experience. This is made possible by the built-in offset array sensor that can also help widen the area covered. Tracking the subject is also made easier with this technology, and shooting under tricky light is made even lighter. With Canon’s DIGIC 4 Image Processor also, the flash metering is majorly enhanced.

The 18.1MP sensor of the Canon EOS-1D X can also record full HD at one button. Some formats supported for the compression are MPEG-4 AVC and H.264, which can support file splitting for optimum storage use. The sound capabilities and controls are also improved compared to the predecessors especially with the 64-step volume control, plus a wind filter to suppress noise and wind breaks.

Well, I am not a photographer, but as for me, I believe this 1D X from Canon is fully mission-capable. However, I don’t think it is that worth to spend around $7000 to make me happy. How about you? Are you willing to spend this much? Let me hear what you have.

Canon EOS-1D X DSLR Camera Price in the Philippines: Approximately Php 305,000.00 (Body Only)

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