Dell Latitude 10 Windows 8 Tablet Computer

Tablet and ‘phablets’ of today are racing to the finish line wherein consumers await for the best one to ease their respective lifestyle. While many of these gadgets are loaded up with tons of apps to meet the daily demands of the modern people, there are still some manufacturers who drew their own short sword just to meet the demands of but a few sector of the population. We are glad with Dell as the company released its business-centered tablet design that is expected to be on the market by the near end of October, which is next month. While this tablet is not the winner in many aspects, it may still cut the rock off the road. Let’s try to learn why.

The new Dell Latitude 10, with dimensions of 274x177x11mm and with a weight of 725grams, is definitely not a competitor in itself. Obviously the 10.1” tablet computer is not even trying to put on the best body paint for the Ferrari race. Albeit the heavy build, the desire to help people especially in the business sector is highly visible. The overall structure is sturdy and silky without letting users fear of having the device slip from their hand or lap. Though this is quite heavy for one hand to work on, we are happy to know the design can come in an optional dock and an optional sleeve to where it will be more well protected.

Coming in black face and grayish non-glossy body, the ring that traces the edges of the Dell Latitude 10 is definitively sturdy and slightly bouncy in the sense that it can absorb shock. The bezel of the face of the device is too thick to make this design bulge more in output, but the Corning Gorilla glass that protects the display is a mean punch against every day challenges. We have different ports and buttons that surround the design, and these are: a full-sized USB 2.0, a mini-USB charging port, mini-HDMI, volume rockers, dock panel, combo audio port, 2 cameras (one 720p in the front, and the other, 8MP with LED flash), and so on.

One big change also that is noticeable in the Dell Latitude 10 is that it is making business more productive and sustainable with the removable battery—a feature or component you won’t see on top-selling tablet computers of today. This may be a benefit to many since one can bring along two extra cells for overnight usage while traveling, but the smaller-than-a-keyboard battery size demands that it still must come with a good handy bag. We do not have any news yet if the package will come with a bag that can accommodate extra batteries or even the dock itself.

The dock that is sold separately is worth a buy if users will really be serious with making business using the device. The dock comes with 4 USB2.0 ports, Ethernet port, and an HDMI. Unfortunately the build is so sturdy you will find it too bulky even if you try to fit it on a bag, making carrying the business piece a set rather than a single material. There is also no optional keyboard for this (aside from the one you’ll try to plug on the dock), so users have no choice but to try encoding through the 10-point multi-touch capacitive screen or through an optional stylus.

Some of the features and the components responsible for making the Dell Latitude 10 more business centered are: a 2GB SDRAM, the latest dual-core Intel Atom processor, main storage of 128GB, and an optional SSD for more performing power. We also encountered a biometric processor here, which is good for verifying potential users through fingerprint scanning. Optional also for users are additional SD cards for extra storage, which is conveniently inserted on top of the gadget.

Finally, I must be honest to confuse the Windows 8 platform here to be a real PC OS platform or still one design for tablets, wherein the latter gains various limitations. I finally came up with the answer: it’s the latter because there’s no start button.

Dell Latitude 10 Tablet Computer Price in the Philippines:
Approximately Php 31,000.00

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