HP TouchSmart 520t All-in-One PC

TouchSmart PCs have been a great asset to HP. What’s so different with this series is that they are fully touch capable making modern PC experience a step closer to enjoying the upcoming ultimate version of the Windows that is very particular to touch. Well, that’s not simply the ‘thing’ that keeps the said series alive, but it’s also the relatively affordable price range that is too cheap for all-in-one PCs with a real bottle of jam for performance, not to mention yet the big wide touch-sensitive screen. Today we deal with another TouchSmart from HP, the 520t.

The HP TouchSmart 520t is, as said, an all-in-one PC but is now smaller than its predecessor, the 610. The 520t comes in varied specific models which mean different builds, but does have common grounds to make a general review about. But moving forward, this new TouchSmart comes with a lot of new features and changes from the shell to the flesh. With a price that runs from $999 to $1399 or more depending on configuration, you might want to grab a piece of this from today on.

We start with the 520t’s design. The new TouchSmart is still big enough in its 23” diagonal display size, but is, as said, a bit smaller than the previous 27-inchers. This change in size made the series more accommodating to users who are not pros at all (the models like 610 are obviously for graphic and multimedia experts who need an extra ton of detail loaded up bowing before them). Though the HP TouchSmart 520t came with a relatively smaller screen, the weight of 25.7 pounds is still not the true portable PC type, though it now comes with a handle making it easier to carry with one hand instead of two on both sides.

The main panel of the HP TouchSmart 520t is quite heavy, but is now stiffer and sturdier so you can enjoy every taps and drags without the usual shakes you experience with competitors’ designs. Though this may sound like too fortunate for this model, it is a bit unfortunate since the hinge that supports the overall panel can only tilt backwards for about 30 degrees, which is ergonomically not suitable for touch operations for the hands (the tilt angle may still require your hand to arch upward which is tiresome). Too good we have the optional wireless mouse and keyboard that you can work on with the not-so-new-anymore Windows 7 that is not yet designed for touch.

Nevertheless we are still joyous of the entertainment package that this home design is about to bring to users. The 23” LCD-LED multi-touch display of the HP TouchSmart 520t is absolutely HD-resolute at a pixel ratio of 1920×1080. The screen is vibrant enough though not absolutely wide-angled since we experience some wash outs in color for some specific angles. Watching HD movies is as immersive as expected with all the smoothness and detail we are expected to notice, and is made more enjoyable with the sound quality sponsored by Beats. Gaming is a breeze also (but not so anymore with the new breed of games that require a minimum of 2Gb GPU for optimal performance) with AMD Radeon HD 6450A 1-GB Graphics card.

More on the performance of the HP TouchSmart 520t, we have a 3rd Generation Intel Core i5-i7 inside working well with the 6Gb-8Gb of RAM. The package runs smoothly in all activities, and handling data and files are of no worries with the 1TB-2TB of storage available. The design is of course, Ethernet and Wi-Fi capable, with Bluetooth, with HDMI (in some specific builds), audio ins and outs, and multiple USB 2.0s to 3.0s. We can now experience more with the 6-in-1 card reader and a non-movable HD cam (the predecessor has a webcam that can tilt a bit).

One great feature that the HP TouchSmart 520t talks about is the Magic Canvass. What this does to the TouchSmart is to create a new virtual desktop environment specifically designed for touch and is somewhat derivative of a tablet experience, with a carousel-type app launcher, and a lot more features that make users access to favorite apps or sites without the hassle of navigating from folders to folders. Unfortunately, newbies may take a lot of time to learn—or uninstall—the pack of bloatware that clogs the display. Though this may be good or bad to many, still this feature is helpful in maximizing the 23” touch display.

I think the HP TouchSmart 520t is now more designed for home than ever, and is made even lighter and more convenient for families to enjoy under one same roof. Members of the family can watch TV from afar with an in-package IR remote control for tuning, and the great Beats audio with a dedicated woofer is about to give some real groove.

HP TouchSmart 520t All-in-One PC Price in the Philippines: Approximately Php 50,000.00

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