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So far, according to reported records, the Samsung Galaxy S3 still hits the sky with its outstanding user experience and performance. However, it’s quite odd to have people asking for the same model all the while, thinking that satisfaction can also be gained out from prestigious designs from different manufacturing companies as well. Aside from Apple, one of the leading (or, at least, trying to) manufacturers is LG; today we have its new flagship: the LG Optimus G.

The new LG Optimus G is from a serious of well-reputed smartphone makers of today that deliver top specs and experience. Out from the box, we see a solid black design with minimized bezels on the front surface, and small crystallized patterns at the back. The display panel is truly an amazing technology wherein the touch is laminated with the display for a thinner, lighter, and sturdier finish without the usual glare under light. With specific dimensions of 131.9×68.9×8.5mm, the G is slightly bigger and heavier at 145 grams, but a lot would still prefer this design if they just knew what’s to pop out of the screen.

One big asset of the LG Optimus G is its superb display. The technology—True HD-IPS+ LCD multi-touch capacitive touch screen—is highly resolute at 768x1280p at 318ppi pixel density. The 4.7” display is capable of delivering outstanding color and vibrancy to each detail without washing off in different viewing angles. Though the said pixel density may not be as rich as Apple’s retina displays, this measure is good enough from entertainment down to browsing the Internet. The screen is also well wrapped with Corning’s Gorilla glass for maximum protection.

Next in line for the mobile’s experience is its magnetic speed in processing data. Powered with a Qualcomm Quad-core 1.5GHz Krait processor, the hardware is just too ready for tomorrow’s demands. Unlike most smartphones of today that offer only 1-1.5Gb of RAM, this model comes loaded with 2GB RAM, making serious multi-tasking in this smartphone truly enjoyable. Adding to the phone’s capacity is the internal 32GB storage (we do not know yet if it is optional to have a higher spec for this, but unfortunately we do not have a good slot for SD cards), and the platform runs, unfortunately, not on the new Jelly Bean, but only on the Ice Cream Sandwich.

The LG Optimus G looks a bit too sophisticated for us to predict a price for, but still we have a lot more to know. Just in case the model will be out for a price more than expected, we are just to be consoled still with the device’s 13MP camera with AF and LED flash—a feature new to the world of smartphones, which means bigger possibilities. With the camera, users get intuitive features like Time Catch Shot (a feature which enables frame-by-frame shooting even before you click the shutter), the Live Zooming (one which makes you zoom into objects or details in a video live while its playing on the screen), and voice-command shutter (one that acts as an optional shutter control by making it wait for the signal using words like ‘cheese,’ ‘smile,’ or ‘LG’).

Last two features I’d like to play along today are the LG Optimus G’s Q-Slide function and the Dual-Screen-Dual-Display. This is how the first one works: you try to watch or stream a video, and then someone knocks your attention like a call or SMS; you don’t have to close (or minimize the video) to read it; you simply have to use the slide to make the video slightly transparent while you respond to the message. The next feature is simply as it is named: you get to extend your screen to another display monitor (like a TV). This is useful if you want to emulate a slideshow while you hold your mobile for controlling—and marking—the slides, or watching a movie on a bigger screen while you browse the net on one side.

As for me, I think this is going to be too pricey, though I hope the price will be competitive enough to match the competition. Still I love the new LG Optimus G, and it sure will open a new horizon to the world of smartphones.

LG Optimus G Android Smartphone Price in the Philippines: Approximately Php 33,000.00

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