Nikon D600 DSLR Camera

I wonder how Nikon has taken so much guts in hiding something (if they really hid it) that professional photographers have bled in waiting for: a full-frame HD-SLR performer camera that shoots jaw-dropping quality images and full HD cinematic videos, intelligent performance under playful and extremely low light, rapid burst rates, and comes all in one compact package at a reasonable price. The designs D800 and D700 speaks so much of these features, but no Nikon or competitor has outdone the list until we take the first hold of Nikon’s new D600. Was it really concealed? Or it’s just too much for a show? Let’s take a fierce tiger-look.

Full-frame cameras are not new anymore for the photography world, particularly because such types of camera had assisted many in capturing seamless and lossless photos without the sluggish run. However, going for the Nikon D600 is not a going-back-in-time kind of stuff; the new model from Nikon speaks so much of a full-frame CMOS sensor that goes with a 10.5MP DX-format crop mode. Live view is also one key feature in this new design, further with its electronic viewfinder that is now chromed to one single axis.

Price relatively cheap at around $2,100, the Nikon D600 has a lot of potential to get uncovered. Though it doesn’t get the crisp found on its predecessor’s 36MP sensor resolution, the 24-MP D600is still muscular enough to push up to the highest limits of other full-frame system cameras. D600 also gets a lot more compatibility resolutions by going for an in-body AF motor, making the design capable of non-AF-S lenses.

The body design of the Nikon D600 did not go that further with predecessors’, but what’s obvious in D600 is that it sports a more ergonomic grip and gorgeous curves from the top down. Traced with the dimensions of 4.4×”, the D600 also has locks making the dials and buttons free from accidental access. A lot of the controls are aligned the same way with the D5100, but additional features like auto shooting modes accessed visually or through the common dial control.

Along with the interface is a 3.2” 921k-dot LCD screen that is superior enough for a full-field camera like this. The LCD wraps itself with a resin layer for reducing reflections and light disturbances, and the color looked pretty deep and detailed. The LCD is well roofed with the very elegant protecting casing that is claimed to be weatherproof and shockproof. This makes the camera ideal not only for close-room studios but also for outdoor fun.

Adding to the features, the Nikon D600 is geared with the same ISO span from the Nikon D800 of up to 25,600 as equivalent, but with a standard range of 100-6400. This may not sound so intelligent as competitors’ new designs but this could play well already without the annoying noise. Another feature is the built-in flash controlled mechanically, which has a guide number of 12 meters. And if you want to know more about the prominent viewfinder in this design from Nikon, you’ll be glad to know that it covers 100% of the field at 0.7x magnification. The VF comes with a dioptre wheel that is adjusted for users with glasses.

For the video mode, the Nikon D600 also has a very convenient shooting button that sits discreetly alongside with the shutter button. What’s more helpful in the video coverage shooting is the live view control that now comes with an easy-switching panel. Videos can be shared wirelessly or through the HDMI-out socket, and you’ll enjoy the stereo sound that is made possible by D600’s microphone socket with a headphone-in port for monitoring audio.

I personally agree to what a lot have claimed about this D600 from Nikon. There’re still a lot of things I haven’t mentioned, which I have to mention now: a 5.5fps hi-quality burst shooting, the EXPEED 3 Processing system for accurately managing the data in-store intuitively, the intelligent Scene Recognition System powered with 3D Color Matrix Metering II, which is absolutely helpful in bringing distanced variables look closer and detailed like the subject, and the modern camera control that runs wirelessly.

Should you buy the Nikon D600 over the D800 or so? Let us know.

Nikon D600 DSLR Camera Price in the Philippines: Approximately Php 90,000.00

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