Samsung NX1000 Compact Digital Camera

Do wires really have to blur off in this ever-changing digital environment we are in? Or do we really have to keep the wires for future benefits? I’d say, “less wire, less clog.” Enjoyably speaking, I am fond of reasoning out why wires are supposed to be off the trend these days. Thanks to Samsung for always backing me up with this, now that it release its new digital camera that speaks much of going wireless: the NX1000.

The Samsung NX1000, priced at $699 on major markets around the world, is an average-featured compact camera that tries to take the place of DSLRs. This camera is a bit pricey in its range of compact cameras with Wi-Fi, but there’s actually a lot more to say in this. The package comes in a very silky non-gloss black body (or in some countries, a white model) with a construction obvious of the effort of making it slim, and a 20-50mm lens. Weight at 7.7oz and with a body dimension set of 2.5×4.6×1.4”, the NX1000 is one of the lightest cameras of today but with a heavy lens kit that keeps it unique and versatile.

The Samsung NX1000 delivers itself to the crowd being one of the smallest mirrorless cameras. However, compared to other variants, this one comes with a new APS-C Image Sensor that is usually found in common DSLRs of today. With the lens that’s bundled with the package, we are actually amazed at how extremely sharp the images are when produced whether RAW or JPEG. The said lens hit the benchmark limits in terms to sharpness, with the model’s score of 2133 lines on a 20mm picture. It is so sharp that it takes the place of some DSLRs that hit only approximately 2000 lines.

The Samsung NX1000 is not a telescope actually, meaning it does not zoom that much. Instead, it solely relies on its 20MP technology that takes pictures far sharper and better in details compared to the other compact digital cameras lately released. However, there are some obvious difficulties with the image quality especially when it comes to lighting and white balance. Grains also start to occupy the spaces when taking pictures in an ISO setting higher than 6400, though the maximum ISO setting could be up to 12800. Nevertheless, I am pleased with the details especially with the folds in color gradients at 100% crop zoom.

One problem also I saw in the Samsung NX1000 is its relatively slower response, which if looked in another way, is a downside when using its main feature, which is Wi-Fi connectivity. There’s variably a 2-3-second wait time for the camera to start up before the going for a shutter, and the shutter has a sort of a recordable lag. With these said, the NX1000 is not definitely for pros except the interchangeable lenses and the hotshoe for flash (because the NX1000 does not come with a flash built-in on it).

Lastly, I would like to take a glimpse to its interface and controls layout. The buttons are actually kept simple and neat. The controls obviously are offered to rookies and newbies, but not for professionals who prefer doing things manual. One good side to the NX1000’s controls is its iFn button (or simply put, Fn for function). What this does is to assist the user with the lens’ additional capabilities in the form of a menu or settings panel where he can tweak things like ISO, shutter speed, aperture, and EV configuration. Moreover, there’s also a dial for switching modes from Smart Auto to Manual, and another set of controls for the self-timer, drive mode, exposure compensation, and AF. And the best and relatively significant of all is its one-time switch to bring up the menus for WiFi, MobileLink, or Remote ViewFinder. Added to the list are the links to Social sharing sites from Facebook to Picasa and even to SkyDrive for cloud files streaming.

As for my verdict, I believe the Samsung NX1000 is fairly priced with its two main features I see: the 20MP super sharp picture components (and of course, its 1080p video capability), and its wireless technology that can help put the wires off from virtually anywhere applicable. However, I’d still consider more options if I should need one thinking how the longer list of limits to this camera stays on my way to fully take photographs.

Samsung NX1000 Digital Camera Price in the Philippines: Approximately Php 30,000.00

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