Apple iPad Mini 7-inch Tablet

Most of us, if not all, are continually astonished by how Apple manufactures its very own unique product line, particularly on how individually they serve the needs and respond to the wants of the common people. Upon the release of the latest iPad, people ran over the town to check for the price: they may have been surprised with the big price tag, but how come they still managed to keep their piggy banks going full in less than a time? Today, we are faced with a brand new problem: people must have another bite to Apple’s new iPad—all same features, but is remarkably smaller.

Size is what mattered primarily and ultimately in this new iPad Mini, and so is the name. Compared to its bigger twin, this iPad now has a height of 200mm, a width of 134.7mm, has a very breath-taking depth of 7.2mm (making it the thinnest phablet or tablet so far), and weighs for but only 308 grams. All these said, we are sure that this iPad is but almost the same size as three pieces of piled ATM cards, and is of no worries right inside the tightest pocket with just the right solid build. Coming in the stores, we have two choices: the black-and-slate, and the white-and-grey. Both versions can be slipped along a more simplified iPad sleeve that plays well with the device in terms to simplicity and versatility.

Before we proceed any further, it must be carefully noted that this iPad Mini can also come in another category: connectivity. In just a few bucks difference, the iPad Mini can either be cellular (i.e., can connect to a mobile network for speedy and space-free data streaming, calls, and chats) or Wi-Fi-only. Both versions share the wireless technology of Bluetooth 4.0, but the latter can even dance under different LTE bands).

Since the iPad Mini is but a miniaturized iPad, we are promised by Apple that this Mini has not put the expected specs to the minimum as well. Surprisingly, we have the same resolution for the 7.9-inch display here of 1024×768 pixels, and packs the same good features like the fingerprint-resistant oleophobic coating and a very thin but durable material to serve both weight and quality. The display is said to be IPS-certified so watching movies—though we’d ask for the well-anticipated Retina display—is still fun and socially enjoyable.

Furthermore, since this is the same iPad we’ve been introduced before, we get to have the same long Christmas list of features that are company-originated at all. Some of these are: Apple’s propriety A5 processor that is at the same time dual-cored, FaceTime and iSight for a seamless photographic experience with a red basket of imaging features including full HD video recording, long battery life (like up to 10 hours), and the same Lightning connector.

Coming inside the package, we have the iPad Mini device itself, a Lightning connector, a USB power adapter, a solid box and a set of papers, and extra bragging rights for being on the top with this well-reputed brand name. And now for the list of prices: the Wi-Fi only starts at $329 for the 16GB version (add a hundred to double the storage size or quadruple the storage size), the cellular one with a nano SIM slot at $459, and can run up to $659 for the maximum configuration.

Apple iPad Mini Price in the Philippines: Approximately Php 15,000.00 (Starting Price)

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  1. Is the price an assumption? Where can I get one with that price? Thanks.

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