LG Optimus L9 Android Smartphone

According to news, LG will be launching its new model from the late L-series (I’m not quite sure if this is a new series) on the last quarter of the year: the new LG Optimus L9. Expected to target ‘everyone’ as consumers based on company claim, the new LG is backed with a 5-frame philosophy to its aesthetics: modern square-style for added comfort, more intuitive menu keys, a “floating mass” display, new metallic accents, and a very slim build. We do not get a good estimate yet for its price, but should we think this is a must-have?

So slim at 9.1mm, the LG Optimus L9 is remarkably a new face to modern smartphones by giving more room to the display over the other aspects of the body. The said thickness may not be an extreme asset since other smartphones that are thinner have already been offered on the market, but the overall design is practically a slim one from the look to keeping it inside a purse. Weighed at an average gram of 125, the body is measured 131.9mm tall and 68.2mm wide.

Rumors had once been aired about the L-series, and like what was posted on walls, people have thought this model to be a powerful one to match the wiring competitors. Unfortunately, we are banged with a better body but a poorer performance compared to what was expected. Unlike the latest Samsung and iPhone models, this one should run in just a dual-core processor and a gig of RAM, which is a bit lower than the average to qualify as a modern smartphone. The camera does not boast anything new as well with its 5MP sensor (VGA for the front camera), and the audio speaks no new record at all.

The display of the LG Optimus L9 is, however, a mouth-watering IPS with a diagonal length of 4.7 inches. A screen this size is so usable in media streaming and web browsing, but the pixel density of 234 is relatively cheap for total vibrancy and contrast, especially when paired with Apple’s Retina display. Viewing angles are expected to be silky and clear with this qHD display of 960×540—a resolution we don’t expect also with a display this big.

While the smartphone runs with a gig of RAM, we are surprised not to have a good storage memory in this phone. For just 4GB, media files will sure get too much traffic just to get enough space, not to mention yet the amount of memory applications will use especially the browser. Nevertheless, the 2150mAh battery is claimed by the company to ‘run all day long,’ and specs-wise, we agree.

However, the LG Optimus L9 is also about to bring some fresh new air to the modern society for both ordinary and business people alike. Though there’s not much claim if the phone is really designed, let’s say, for business, we encounter applications that do not seem relevant to each other, but is helpful if taken each of them alone. One feature is LG’s My Style keypad, which allows users to customize the virtual keyboard to fit in to their style of typing whether single-handed or two-handed. Another app is the QTranslator that uses OCR technology (optical character recognition) to decrypt or transcribe text from captured pages, and translate them into other languages.

Other things you might want to consider before you flag this on your bookmarks is that it comes with the innovative DLNA and OTA connectivity aside from the usual connectivity options. As for my verdict, I know the LG Optimus L9 is about to crack some eggs especially with its 300% cleaner design and metallic finish.

LG Optimus L9 Android Smartphone Price in the Philippines: Approximately Php 20,000.00

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