Sony Alpha SLT-A99 DSLR Camera

After Sony’s first full-frame digital SLRs being on reach, that is, the A900, people have been shown a variety of the same quality professional cameras wherein the distinction are not apparent at all. Not until today, the years of fruitful scrutiny to get out of the usual mirror designs is but coming to hand with a very bleeding price of up to $2,799 (body only); the Alpha line’s new SLT-A99 is but something one should be scared of in terms to breakthrough technology. Should the price be as high as it can propose to us? Let’s ramify it.

Including the batteries, the Sony Alpha SLT-A99 is but heavier than usual with its weight of 1.79lbs. The camera is pretty decent with a lot of tech in the pack of weight it has, but the body size which measured 5.79×4.37×3.07” just got a lens barrel that looks small for the body build. Overall, the design doesn’t get much change compared to the said predecessor a while ago, but for people who’ve been fond with the classic model, the unchanged buttons layout is but truly helpful without requiring users to take time familiarizing everything from scratch.

With the same magnesium alloy as any other cameras from Sony, the Alpha SLT-A99 contained almost the same controls except for one: an additional dial that is located on the lower right of the camera when you’re facing it. The dial serves during live view, for example, by showing off a few more tricks and tweaks without disturbing your video shoot or serious still imaging. Another notable component is the absence of a (pop-up) flash and instead taking up a hotshoe where you can mount an ISO standard flashgun.

One reason why the price of the Sony Alpha SLT-A99 is as such is the inclusion of a rather translucent mirror technology. The technology serves various purposes like cutting down the cost of usual mirror technology and speeding up the camera, while maintaining a high-grade photo quality where the difference between the actual object to the image is but too indistinct. The technology utilizes a semi-transparent fixed mirror that filters and diffuses the light and directs a large amount to the sensor while the rest is being absorbed by the electronic viewfinder.

Another great reason for this pricey piece of camera is the same OLED EVF that is found on Sony’s A77 or NEX-7. Within the EVF is an ultra-performing 2.4M-dot display, which means nearly perfect cropping and presentation of image no matter the format. More than this, users get to share the benefit of seeing the live camera settings right on the same 1024×768 display. More details about the image is made possible not merely be the display but because of its 24MP Full-frame CMOS sensor.

I think this one gets the most attention: the innovative autofocus technology. Using the said translucent glass, the SLT-A99 redirects light to a phase-detection AF sensor, all of which improves the tracking feature of the AF even for burst shooting of up to 8fps. Taking advantage of this technology, the SLT-A99 is able to cater a fully DSLR-styled AF especially in live view, which along the way, is another way of maximizing the EVF to where the quality pushes on.

Aside from the usual LCD that acts as a status display like the ones Sony used to offer, the SLT-A99 of the Alpha line also has a tilt-and-swivel 1.23k-dot LCD. It may not be a touch-capable panel, so to say, but the display is truly rich enough for those fine details we’ve always wanted, but obviously the EVF does a lot better. If you’d ask me about any downside with the said OLED EVF, it would be that it’s battery consuming.

Other features that you’d like to know in advance for now are: 14-bit RAW output with just the proper processing speed, ISO of up to 25.6k, GPS capability, AF Micro Adjust, shutter speed of up to 1/8000 second, Multi-shot Noise Reduction mode, dual card slots (one can only do for SD cards), and lastly, the environmental protection module to resist dust and humidity.

It’s pretty hard for me to have an accurate verdict for the Sony Alpha SLT-A99 since the price really blurred my way of looking at it, but as of now, all I believe is that the technology deserves everything that was told on the marketplace.

Sony Alpha SLT-A99 DSLR Camera Price in the Philippines:
Approximately Php 120,000.00 (Body Only)

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