Apple iMac 2012 All-in-One Desktop Computer

I am not totally busted out by any technology not other than those designs offered by Apple. I am not really a fan of the brand since I really never owned one with my name on it, but as of now I think I’ll be crying out loud to have its new design: the iMac of 2012. Started around a decade ago, the Mac has consistently offered fresh and creative ideas as to how a computer really should be. However, for this new model, this is not even a computer, not technically.

Priced at $1299, people are about to be shaken by its marketing value, but upon knowing the intrinsic meaning behind the price, they’ll love to have one as I do. The first thing noticeable with the new iMac—which will be released on this last quarter of the year with different configurations—is its very thin display… a display that is impossibly true to have a very powerful computer system in it. Its edge with a size of 5mm from all sides is but amazing, except that it slashed out the optical drive and made it optional.

Coming in either display size of 21” or 27”, the Apple iMac 2012 has a weight of around 5.68 kilograms for the former, and almost 10 kilograms for the latter. It may for today too impossible to have a body thinness of just 5mm, so for this design this year, we have a maximum depth of 6.9 inches up to 8 inches. With this said, everything except the optical drive is in, including two Thunderbolt ports, four USB 3.0 ports, two microphones, a 720p FaceTime camera, two stereo speakers, Ethernet, headphone port, and a multi-card slot.

Heavy as it is, you won’t expect to make this one sitting on your lap. However, thanks to its solid crystal clear display, watching movies and playing games are of no trouble and strain to users and viewers at all. With the display comes innovative technology of laminating the display panel and getting rid of the 2mm air gap, resulting in a 75% less reflective display with a much lighter weight. It is not yet Retina for now though we’d ask for one, but as experienced, texts on the web page looked like floating on the glass display already. All bravos to the plasma deposition that made this anti-reflection and anti-glare system fully functional.

Since the Apple iMac 2012 looked like simply a display monitor without a computer, we are yet happier to see its stellar display with resolutions of up to 1440p depending on configuration. Each unit is said by the company to be individually calibrated to achieve the perfect results we have now, plus the IPS technology and the LED backlight to support a more comfortable viewing. The new iMac runs with the latest platform of Apple, the OS X Mountain Lion, and is taking advantage of the usual apps we see on Apple’s other devices.

Aside from having a Magic Mouse, a Magic Trackpad, and a not-a-magic-anymore keyboard that are all wireless via Bluetooth, the Apple iMac 2012 is expectedly powerful in a barrel of ways: Apple incorporated Intel’s third-generation processors of up to i7 with TurboBoost technology 2.0. The RAM can be upgradeable of up to 12GB as recorded, and exceptionally, we have a discrete graphics card from NVIDIA, the GeForce GT 640M that can rev up to 2GB of memory.

For my verdict, the 2012 Apple iMac is truly a promising product in its price, and with this once-imagination being realized as possibility, we are indeed anticipating of how Apple can do better in less than a time, but in an amount much more than we can imagine. The only downside of this iMac is that it removed the optical drive, but generally, we have a fantastic computer ever built in this generation.

Apple iMac 2012 Desktop Computer Price in the Philippines:
Php 62,990.00 (Starting Price)

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