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The Nexus series has been said before as merely a set of devices used by Android for apps testing. Though isn’t fully verified yet, it is of no concern anymore today because the series has totally gotten better with more powerful hardware without compromising comfort and fashion. The newest smartphone for this series, the Nexus 4, has been shared by LG with Google for a seamless Google experience with just the right hardware components. Though I personally haven’t trusted the said manufacturing company for now, I know this Nexus is about to steal the spotlight.

Impressively, the Google LG Nexus 4’s design is blackish as its body speaks of. From the top down, we see full black colors that are made of plastic, and impressively, the dimmed display is as black as the body itself. The design with simple curves and soft edges may not be a fashion material to some, and worse, boring, but for me, I just find this device simply elegant and minimal. With body size dimensions of 133.9×68.7×9.1mm, the Nexus 4 is sufficiently light at 139grams.

Adding to this simplicity is the set of ports that are also minimal without losing the essentials. Aside from the usual volume rocker and power button we see on its sibling, the LG Optimus G, there’s also a micro-USB connector and a slimport HDMI for enhancing media experience. Within the case is a 2100mAh battery that is built-in (sorry for those who demands removable batteries as the said battery seemed below average nowadays in reliability), a storage capacity of 8Gb that can be upgraded up to 16Gb at an extra amount of cash, and poorly, there’s no storage expansion support.

Just as I said, this Google LG Nexus 4 did not lack the potential prowess to give the best of performance. Inside the mechanics is the quad-core processor of Snapdragon and 2GB of RAM, both of which means extra amount of immersion to whatever it is taking place on minimized in the phone without the usual lags experienced by common users with the other smartphones. As of now, this phone is so far one of the fastest smartphones one would have ever witnessed.

While the Google LG Nexus 4 possesses a very potent spirit with multi-tasking, Google and LG also promised its buyers better connectivity and data streaming. Added to the ingredients of superb hardware are capabilities to surf and stream around different bands from different mobile networks across the globe, thinking that buying this phone for a relatively cheap price of $299 comes unlocked for personal network choice.  I think Google made this possible for the purpose of making users enjoy Google apps and services more without any usual worries. Unfortunately, people who’ve touched this smartphone still wished a 4G LTE broadband capability.

Some other powerful features this phone tries to pin on everyone’s shirt are: voice searching for the new Google Apps that include Google Now, Google-aided GPS and worldwide information, the new gesture-typing for the on-screen keyboard which intelligently predicts words being gestured by the user, real-time syncing with Google accounts for easy data recovery and sharing, an 8MP camera with LED flash for full HD recording and quality images plus the power of PhotoSphere that makes panoramic images more dimensional, and its very own native 4.7” display with a resolution of 1280×768 at 320ppi plus IPS and Gorilla Coating.

Summing all these up, the Google LG Nexus 4 is a good receptacle full of powerful features to make users exceptionally enjoy the new Android 4.2, which in this smartphone is but a standard. It’s priced very well, so obviously, this Nexus should be included in the wish lists of everyone especially this coming holiday season.

Google LG Nexus 4 Android Smartphone Price in the Philippines:
Approximately Php 13,500.00 (Starting Price)

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  2. what’s the proce of this phone right now? How can i buy online?email me pls.

  3. :(( ON A MALL I SAW ITS 22 000+

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