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Google came up suddenly with a lot of TNT explosives ready to blast competitors off the rail. Though it does not contain all the best features in its class and in its own time, devices under this series were remarkably an instant occurrence that made competitors—including Apple—surprised for every release. The Nexus has three distinct devices: a 4-incher (a smartphone challenger), a 7-incher (an e-reader candidate), and a 10-incher (a casual tablet leader): the biggest one is our fish for today.

It gave me a real electric shock also when I learned that Google made its 10-incher tablet a very daring competitor to Apple’s iPad 4. With dazzling set of specs plus a full-spectrum overly detailed display, the Nexus 10 is typically a tablet everyone could love in a price much less than that of the said competitor. Coming with the build is its size of 10.39×6.99×0.35 and with a weight of 1.32lbs., the Nexus 10 is considerably a leader or at least a ‘role-model’ to manufacturers around the globe.

The Nexus 10 is incredibly thin in its 9000-mAh battery without the weight. As tested, standby time can really last up to hundreds of hours while retaining its superior performing power and vibrant display. Inside the very handy tablet is the Exynos 5 A15 dual-core processor that is said to be a ‘mathematician,’ and is reportedly more potent than those in the competition. Also, aside from the 2GB of RAM, the Nexus 10 also has a quad-core GPU that literally makes the tablet rule in terms to tablet gaming. If there were something more to ask for this tablet that runs on the latest Jelly Bean of Android (4.2), it would be that it should contain more appropriate apps for its version, including enterprise apps and features.

Google’s Nexus 10, obviously, is not simply an e-book reader, or a multimedia gadget alone; it is a handy PDA (personal digital assistant) in itself. As for me, I see the features in the Nexus 10 complete and superior enough to respond to my everyday needs, though for sure others would cry out for some betterment like cellular compatibility and a better camera (because the Nexus 10 has a 1.9MP camera, and a relatively poor 5MP camera at the back with its own features). But mind you, the Nexus 10 brags of another important feature tablet lovers would surely cry to hear: the MIMO Wi-Fi. According to Google, such a kind of Wi-Fi can ensure better connection and impossibly faster speed at almost 4x than your ordinary Wi-Fi.

And ultimately, you’d expect Google apps and services to be fully maximized here in this gadget over other Nexus devices. Included in the Valentine’s list are: Hang Outs of Google+ (users can chat with up to nine friends live using the front-facing camera), live movie streaming without the need for downloading and syncing, exclusive TV access, e-books that include magazines, the long list of games from Google Play, cloud assistance via Google Now, Google Earth, and of course, Google’s very own browser: the Chrome.

As for my early verdict, the Google Nexus 10 is an incredible device that wasn’t priced as hard as the leading competitors (the Nexus 10’s price starts at just $399). Its cinematic multimedia experience is truly encouraging and promising, plus the intelligently distant speakers that make HD movies as immersive as they should be. Aside from the crazily high-resolution display at 300-ppi, the specs soar like a rocket with its speed, and it includes enhanced web experience. Some downsides for the device include a poor aesthetics and a poor camera, but the price when proportioned to performance makes the Google Nexus 10 a leader in tablets in its time.

Google Nexus 10 Android Tablet Price in the Philippines: Approximately Php 17,000.00 (Starting Price)

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