LG 55LM6700 55-inch 3D HDTV

Typically last year, Smart TVs have paved its own rightful way to consumers as to how ‘real’ a TV should be. Aside from opening their windows to advanced technologies, which a lot of were incorporated with the web and other wireless schemes, some kept their characters on the picture they produce. One reputed series notable for 2011 was that of LG, the LW5600 series. At a seemingly high price, models under this series were really astounding enough, but this trend also seemed to fade a bit with the series’ new flagship this year: the LM6700.

Though we should properly identify the model as a post-product of the former series, the LG 55LM6700 is not totally far in terms to features and specs. Coming in two form factors, namely a 47-incher and a 55-incher, the LM6700 is but one of those sold for two grands but promises impulsive features and capabilities. One of the greatest hits for this LED-LCD TV is its very thin bezel and a chromatic hinge and base that makes the output float like a real window.

There’ve been rumors and arguments also about what the design of LG’s LM6700 is all about. While a lot have made premises that the design is more metallic, I’d say such occurrence is minimal, or to the max, accidental. At 1.3-inches thick at the edges, the LM6700 is remarkably something one would love to hang on a wall like little ornamental flower. Truly as it is, its minimum weight of 47 lbs. is above average but does not compromise the build quality.

The screen I think is still missing in some detail with its 1080p resolution, but this is of no offense to potential buyers since the big screen with a relatively low resolution is backed with some features. One of these is the integration of a local dimming technology, which as company promised is capable of delivering better contrast, deeper and richer blacks and shadows, and more protruded tints. However, like any of those who have complained, I still see such a technology working better when compared to its antecedent.

While some details in shadows were in a way shed off especially when playing games, the picture quality of the LG 55LM6700 is stunning and immersive enough. With the power of a TruMotion Technology at 120Hz, frame interpolation is sweet and clear enough. In this regard, however, I still find the technology to be a bit downward in performance when I looked at some other competing models who offer the same technology, especially one from Sony or Sharp. Nevertheless, this is but one of the strongest features modern TVs should have nowadays, and luckily, games played in this TV of LG is promised with the same smooth frame effect.

Coming together to make this TV more modern and promising for its price is that what LG lovingly called as the Magic Remote Control. While it has almost the same basic controls as what people have been used to, it’s gauged with an ‘air mouse’ technology, making detected motion implemented on a pointing cursor displayed on the screen (like the Wii of Nintendo). I actually feel like there’s a need for this handheld control to be more accurate to where it points, and moreover, how we’d wish its comfortable grip is also secure enough so as not to roll over the desk. Nevertheless, responsiveness is still promising for this control to complement the overall design of the LG 55LM6700.

Another feature I’d like to talk about in this new flagship of LG is its passive 3D technology. For those who have observed the modernization of TVs, there’s no surprise that any content in the TV can be instantly converted to 3D in a button. LG’s LM6700 makes it a bit different by making it passive which means there’s no more flickering, no need for heavy 3D glasses because of batteries, and summing up to lesser price for a piece of glasses (the whole package price comes in with six pairs of 3D glasses.

If you were already wearing a pair of corrective glasses, you’d want to buy a separate ‘clip-on’ type). While LG’s unique two-player game mode is intensively immersive for gamers (this feature allows players to get rid of the usual ‘split-screen’ through displaying two contents at a time but the 3D glasses interpret them separately), one problem I saw with this 3D technology is that you have to be at the center or else you’d be observing some fractions which people have called as ‘ghosting.’

Lastly, for its price, it is also of no surprise how this TV is smart enough to connect to the web, have several hardware connections at the back, and can even have its own set of apps to play along and enjoy with family and friends. For my verdict, the LG 55LM6700 is truly promising enough with a new set of features, but some of those are actually downgrades to what was offered in its predecessors. Nevertheless, picture quality and 3D enjoyment is unbeatable enough making this TV one of the top choices this coming holiday.

LG 55LM6700 3D HDTV Price in the Philippines: Approximately Php 65,000.00

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