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Latest and official price (from Smart and Globe) of Apple iPhone 5 in the Philippines: When you hear the word “iPhone,” what comes first to your mind? As for me, one equivalent word: “exquisite.” Funny as this may sound, such I word I identify with the product also applies to the consequent line of products Apple have offered especially the new ones this year. Furthermore, how more exquisite can it be when everyone across the globe have waited for a year interval to see what Apple is about to unleash on the mobile phones side? Gladly I have here with me the new iPhone 5 for a while for some serious observations and tests, and with you, I am glad to introduce again.

I feel like I am about to get sizzled if I say that this new iPhone is as perfect as it can be in its own time and space. Sounded overwhelming? Not so, but what I know for sure is that, Apple only releases one product on one class per year because of the effort they pour to bring those which are ‘way beyond better.’ According to Apple, the iPhone is not simply a mobile device; it’s a device everyone uses absolutely all the time. True to this approach, one thing so remarkable with this year’s breakthrough is the new shape and size to the iPhone: at 4.87× and with a weight of 112grams, the iPhone 5 is so far the smallest and handiest smartphone I have ever seen.

Told by Apple as 18% thinner and 20% lighter to its predecessor, the iPhone 5 goes a different route to its body expansion; it’s the Apple’s critical decision of making the display bigger while maintaining single-handedness to operations. Instead of going wider, Apple made the iPhone 5’s display longer, thus allowing a perfect 16:9 aspect ratio to HD movies, one additional row of icons to the interface, and more information and details to maps and websites. Featured in the display is the worldwide phenomenon Retina display that a lot of competitors try to achieve. What this technology does can be put in this way: it’s like a high-res sticker pasted on the Gorilla glass; that’s how clear and persuasive it is.


Coming also with the almost-perfect unibody system, the display is also wrapped in a very thin sheet of Gorilla glass for that serious protection against life’s greatest handling misfortunes. Adding to this, the smooth aluminum casing is also crafted to maintain that lightweight profile, not to mention other factors like having a nano-SIM and smaller Lightning connector to achieve this perfection. Having a nano-SIM is a sort of disadvantage to a large group of people, thinking how limited the chiclet can be. Moreover, the 80% smaller Lightning connector (compared to the predecessor’s 30-pin connector) is way too exclusive, more if you know that you need a real bunch of adapters to make this reversible technology work for displays and other stuff.

Better than all of these, the iPhone 5 of Apple nearly has all the specs and features a real good smartphone should have; actually it only lacks one thing that modern devices now cater: NFC. Nonetheless, the new iPhone features Apple’s new processor—the A6 chip, which is said not only to double the performance, but also improves frame rates to graphic-intensive apps and operations in the new iOS 6. Adding to this, the iPhone 5 also comes with all those connectivity goodies from the latest Bluetooth 4.0 to dual-band Wi-Fi and even up to 4G LTE. There’s also an improved 8MP ‘iSight’ camera at the back plus a ‘FaceTime’ front camera that is now capable of 720p pictures. Lastly, the package comes with Apple’s proprietary ‘EarPod,’ something Apple would love to call as legendary in terms to sound. While Apple proposes the iPhone 5’s battery life to be superb, I still find it hard to make it last for more than two days with LTE right on it.

The iPhone 5 is ‘hurriedly’ made available now to the country in two major cellular networks. As for Globe, the iPhone 5 is generally offered (other flexible plans available) in a P999-plan that requires a 24-month P800 cash-out commitment, but promises all-unlimited from SMS to data plus some to-be-mentioned freebies. Smart offers almost the same range of plans for iPhone 5, except that they also offer an all-in P1800-plan that requires only a P12,300 one-time cash-out. For prepaid, Smart offers 16-GB iPhone 5 for only P33,600, cheaper compared to Globe’s P35,400.

I think, for my verdict, the name ‘iPhone 5’ says it all. Lacking NFC as a feature is not really a big deal, and if there be one reason to really push you off, it should be for its ‘premium exclusivity’ that you’ll realize simply by looking at the new Lightning connector. Nevertheless, by simply looking at the box of the iPhone 5, you’re sure you have everything Apple has promised you.

Apple iPhone 5 Price in the Philippines (Latest and Official Price from Smart and Globe):

Globe Prepaid and Postpaid Plans (as of January 2013):


Smart Prepaid and Postpaid Plans (as of January 2013):


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