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It’s not typical for Bose to do white earpieces, though it’s not totally impossible. Yes, strictly, I mean the color here (if white is really argued as one of the colors), and with the company’s new on-ear model, the OE2 (and OE2i), Bose fans are about to be surprised with a cloudy option. The new OE2 is a well-grown predecessor from the company’s OE series, but is packed in a relatively smaller body but promises an extra depth to the lows in an audio. Priced from $150 to $180, should this new OE2 be a good piece for replacing your Beats piece?

Before I begin with the details, I would like to point out ahead that the i-version of the OE2 stands for the ‘integrated’ remote-mic control that sits not far enough from the detachable point of the cable; yes, the cable is detachable, thankfully. The control is said to be designed with Apple’s devices primarily on mind, so if you do not own an Apple device, you might still wanted to try this out since it sometimes works for Android. The said remote control, however, needs users to be mastered since pressing the wrong button is with a high chance.

Unlike any other Bose products, the OE2i felt cheaper and more ‘budget’ with the choice of materials maybe. The texture and hold feel like it’s made out of sheer plastic material, and the general body weight amounts to that of a typical smartphone at about 140grams. The headphones itself has a height of 7.5 inches, width of 6 inches, and a depth of 2 inches; the ear cushion has a height-width size of 2.3x2inches. With the said sizes, the new Bose item sounds like it is designed to be so minimal, but the produce risked the well-reputed premium feel of Bose.

Surprisingly, there’s not much special feature in Bose OE2i even when you ask the company itself. Well, technically it is so, but there’s something the company speaks with this new design: the exclusive Tripod technology that they claim is good for producing more robust sound with deeper bass hits. Moreover, the cups themselves is said to be sculpted acoustically for providing the best room to the sound. Such cups are mounted with a not-so-deep mesh foams that are shaped almost perfectly for the average ear, and remarkably, they are good and comfortable.

The said foams, however, has some limits like what were said of reports and comments. The foams themselves look detachable as well even though I think it is not designed that well. While the company claimed that ‘listening for hours’ is a comfort, it is, but not for a long period of wearing this headband. Typically, you must expect that with such foams you have to replace them on your own after a few months of use since the leathery coating cracks off, and heat is accumulated more from within.

The sound quality, nevertheless, for the new Bose item is at par to what Bose has consistently done with their units. The mids and the highs feel just enough, but the emphasis is given to the treble, the bass, and the other low sounds. Should this beat the Beats of Dr. Dre? Personally, I feel like the Bose OE2i sounded better with deeper bass without pressuring the head or without having the usual overwhelming feel. There are even some music I played where I found only this headphone to produce the right lows, while some music however is played with a ‘brighter’ high. And before I forget, since the headphone is not really circumaural, expect that the sound produced in this earpiece will be heard by the people beside you, thus allowing you also to hear the outside noises.

For its price, the Bose OE2i, is remarkable for its price and for its better range of applications because of the remote control, but I guarantee there’s a lot better option for all those details and immersive audio quality you want. The build of the OE2 is too cheap for its price, but nevertheless its lightweight compact body plus a white design option will surely drive itself soaring on the marketplace.

Bose OE2i Audio Headphones Price in the Philippines: Approximately Php 7,500.00

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