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Microsoft Surface Windows 8 Tablet Overview + Latest Price in the Philippines: A genuine leader in software development, Microsoft has also taken the bait to go against the ‘digital raging bulls.’ O yes, there’ve been a lot of rivals ready to push Windows off the surface, and some have successfully done so by introducing a new experience whether it be via a device or a software (app).

Let’s take Apple, for example. Apple has succeeded in every little way also, and actually much more, since they’ve released all-original and unparalleled concepts not only on its ever-rich iOS, but also through phenomenal gadgets and electronic tools to ease people’s lives. Taken into contrast, Microsoft’s goal of ‘making a computer available in each desk in every home’ seems to be falling apart now.

Trying to save the name after so many confusing and well-noted attempts, Microsoft came out with its ever new gadget that can be legally called as its own: the new Microsoft Surface. The Surface is a tablet by form, but as I see it, is also an attempt to introduce a new face and form factor to both a tablet and a netbook. The confusion on this general design leads many to ask one short question: to whom is this gadget really designed for?

Build-wise, the Microsoft Surface is superiorly an advantage, though I cannot really say it has perfectly paired up with Apple’s iPads. The Surface uses a molted Magnesium Alloy, or as they call it, the VaporMG, as the main body exterior material. Surprisingly, though the company has claimed that it is even much lighter than plastic and aluminum, the device itself still weighed heavier than promised; the Surface weighed 676 grams for a 10.6-incher tablet with a body size of 10.8×6.8 inches, and with a depth of 9.3mm.

With that said, the Microsoft Surface itself is of no match to Apple’s leading devices. However, Microsoft gave this cyborg a unique physical feature: the Kickstand. The Kickstand works simply like a full-plane stand that makes this slate come before you in about 22 degrees. Unlike other stands or supporting paraphernalia, this one is pre-built and is a part of the design, and practically, it is perfectly stable and secure. I wondered what was behind or beneath the kickstand, and luckily, Microsoft utilized a factor of this space to use as a slot for an external card slot.

While this, of course, doesn’t please many, Microsoft added another paraphernalia to fulfill its apparent plan of making Windows 8 netbooks smaller or handier: the cover. The cover actually came up with two types: the tactile one, which I believe 98% of PC users are fond of, and the new 3-mm-thick Touch cover. The latter features a color-varied somewhat-rubbery material with keys that rely on pressure rather than on the tactile distance. As for me, the responsiveness with the Touch cover is amazing, though it took me a while to get used to it. If there be one factor to make this thing so appealing, it would be that it is so fashionable and slim.

The said covers use a magnetic docking connector panel that depicts like that of some Apple devices. The hold is secure enough, but not for you to play with. Actually, with all these parts put into a full-stretch setup, you surely won’t find this friendly on your lap… not even on your bed. With that said, the tablet feels like it’s more of a small PC but in a tablet or some weird form sitting on top of your desk. Unluckily, the Surface uses Windows new RT version, which in today’s case, needs a lot of improvement.

As for me, I still do not consider the Microsoft Surface to be a success to its company. Aside from the new build that I find amusing but not practically pleasing, the new OS itself—Windows 8—is still flawed according to many. Priced relatively high like around $500 or up, the Surface is something might not be worth of anyone’s monetary value… for now.

Microsoft Surface Windows 8 Tablet Computer Price in the Philippines: Approximately Php 22,000.00 (Starting Price)

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