ViewSonic VSD220 Android Smart Display

ViewSonic has been on the enterprise catering quality display devices for years, but who would have thought they would start catering smart PCs that look more like the AIOs? Featuring the VSD220 of the company, smart displays do no longer be traditional; this new design caters a full range of Android operating system plus some PC-like specs, so if you are an Android wanna-be, then this $400-priced display should work for you.

At first, I didn’t think this display is more than what it says, though I expected that the word ‘smart’ works more like a smart TV catering web apps and features. What truly surprised me with this smart display is that it is an Android device in disguise of a PC monitor, and being an Android, you know what you’ll get: a full range of apps from the Ice Cream Sandwich system, easy access to files and even to the web, plus the very customizable menus and interfaces. I wish, however, that ViewSonic will pave its way to the new Jelly Bean of Android, and incorporate more PC features for users to understand that they are not only holding a very big tablet or smartphone on desk.

Being a bigger tablet or smartphone does not mean you can carry the VSD220 along as you please. Luckily, the smart display of ViewSonic has a kickstand well screwed to provide the exact sturdy agendum. And if you want this 22-incher display on your desk, mount it on the wall with the optional Vesa Mount with the size 100x100mm. This said, the VSD220 gives people the idea that this can be a smart TV though it is really not; there’s not even a port or antenna input for this one to do better when people are bored.

Aside from running Android ICS, the ViewSonic VSD220 is powered by a dual-core OMAP 4430 processor clocked at 1GHz plus 1GB of RAM. Surely it is, the main specs then is not even at par with the modern specs of smartphones with quad-core processors. This is manifested overly when you started the device: swiping between home screens have frames cut into fractions in a second, speed in opening and using apps is conditional that it will depend on what app it is, and the accuracy between the input devices (the touch display itself plus any other like external mouse or keyboard) to the content is variably full of hiccups.

Out with the processor, the VSD220 of ViewSonic is nevertheless one good display with a native resolution of 1920×1080. Promising as it sounds already plus a good saturation of colors as tested, but the display actually falls short with viewing angles, rendering inaccurate greyscale palettes, and even lacks enough brightness for a whole family to enjoy during a well-lit room. Being touch-sensitive (using optical touch over a capacitive one), I am quite disappointed it hurts that it only supports two points for the touch; even smartphones do better at up to 10 points! And if you think having an Android over Windows or iOS is a plus, you might have to think how will you go over such a big display with only two points of touch?

Nevertheless, the ViewSonic VSD220 is still backed with great features that make the price worth a clip on the notebook. Aside from enjoying the richness and versatility of an Android system, users also get access to Google’s greatest apps and features that mostly are cloud-based. Thankfully, the same Google inclusion allows users to do their office works like tapping through the cells of a spreadsheet even without an offline Office software pre-installed. ViewSonic also included its own list of apps specifically designed for these devices, so users are at least promised that they are not left on their own.

Other inclusions in and out of the device are: a memory card slot for storage expansions, 8GB internal memory, full-sized HDMI (for using the device as another PC’s extended display), two USB 2.0 ports (one micro-USB), audio port, SRS-enabled speakers, Wi-Fi plus Bluetooth, front-facing 1.3MP camera, and the power-saving 21-watt consumption. At its price, I think the VSD220 is still worth a buy, but to make the product truly a must have, ViewSonic really must exert tons of effort to make this thing truly worth the wait.

ViewSonic VSD220 Android Smart Display Price in the Philippines: Approximately Php 18,000.00

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