Canon Pixma iP7220 Wireless Inkjet Photo Printer

Care for a better output than for productivity? Then Canon has something that should fit well to your wedding list: the new iP7220 of the Pixma photo printer series. The iP7220 of Canon has been available for some time now and is but a lot cheaper than its original price at $99, and looking at such a price itself you’d know that this is not really designed for massive corporate uses. Anyhow, no matter the limits in speed, the iP7220 still boasts of a lot of features wherein travelers would love.

The Canon Pixma iP7220 seemed to have aimed to consumers who want to have easier and more relaxed photo printing, and if not, burn the photos to a CD or DVD and print a custom design on it on the same device. That said, you’d learn the Canon Pixma iP7220 is capable of photo printing (up to 8.5×11 size, but has a special tray for 4×6 photo papers), disk printing, and some value-added features like wireless printing inclusive of the famous AirPrint of Apple, auto-duplexing for double-sided printing, plus a range of features to enhance or customize outputs.

While the Canon Pixma iP7220 seemed to speak of some distinctive features, the iP7220 is not short with downs or flaws as well. Measuring 17.8×74.5×5.1inches (WDH), and with a weight of 14.4lbs., the iP7220 is but an appliance, so to say. Its being bulky and possession of a relatively large footprint make users want to have it sitting on side corner of the house or office, though thankfully there’s hardly any wire on it aside from the power cable. Knowing that the iP7220 isn’t portable for real travelers, it’s pretty confusing to know why Canon didn’t include a hard port (RJ45) for network connections on the printer, making all printing jobs a hassle to those who do not want to go wireless. Lastly, while going for the latter is a convenient feature to many, limiting to AirPrint and not Wi-Fi Direct will surely marginalize non-Apple users.


Having five distinct ink tanks wherein most are now available for the huge-size packages, the Canon Pixma iP7220 seems to be directly designed for photo printing because of the extra ‘Pigment’ black cartridge. Having separate tanks is an advantage to some, though I still suspect the expenses to be relatively high, more if you’d learn that the iP7220 has a higher resolution for color outputs (9600x2400dpi) which is tantamount to saying the printer has a comparably better picture quality. Nevertheless, I am pleased with the output especially if the types are documents and photos, with a much crispier text even in small points, and a relatively higher photo quality much like those produced by laser photo printers.

Adding some built-in features like fun filter effects together with the ‘My Image Garden’ in this printer is an addition to some, but like many, I still find the Canon Pixma iP7220 to be lacking some better features. Taking the disc printing for example, users are actually expected to lay the outputs out on the printer itself, which means there’s hardly any way for users to prefer a 3rd party software to do the job. Nevertheless, with the My Image Garden, a lot of users for sure will love the ease of organizing photos, making calendar printouts, and even other effects and creative layouts for photos.

Ultimately, as I’ve said in the beginning, the Canon Pixma iP7220 is not really aimed for businesses that take time as gold. As for my tests, I run the iP7220 on the default setting and tried printing a borderless 4×6 photo, and while expecting a better result as promised, the printer lasted the job for more than a minute just for a piece. Moreover, printing documents is relatively slow as well, making some of the previous Canon printers to be a lot speedier in tasks without compromise.

The Canon Pixma iP7220 is one great contender for photo printing, making its users enjoy some advancements or advantages like auto-duplexing, disc printing, and wireless features. Its lack of an Ethernet port plus its relatively slow printing speed makes it not really an ideal printer for people on the rush, but if you only care for a quality output much like the ones from laser printers, the iP7220 is one great printer for a relatively low price.

Canon Pixma iP7220 Wireless Inkjet Photo Printer Price in the Philippines: Approximately Php 4,500.00

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