HP Envy x2 Windows 8 Convertible Laptop

Convertible laptops or ultrabooks are fast nowadays to cater to the new Windows 8 platform, and most companies like HP offer much more options to provide solutions to this declarative movement. Today we are greeted with a new hybrid system from HP, the X2 of the Envy series. We’ve known the said series to be full of quality and portable options and devices to maximize our experience with the new platform, but the question is: should this new X2 qualify?

Priced at around $850 accordingly, the HP Envy x2 is packaged in a very sleek body cased fully in a brushed aluminum shell for both the tablet and the keyboard station alike. It’s still pretty hard to say that this X2 of HP is the slimmest, if not the lightest, of any hybrid systems in its class, but surprisingly, the X2 has only a weight of 3.1lbs with a body thickness of only 0.76inches—and that’s including the keyboard dock already.

The aesthetics on the HP Envy x2 itself portrays much of style without compromising quality and build. Featured on the shell are the concave edges that run slimmer up to the tip, and this results in a much more compact feeling when being held. On the other hand, the docking station has a wedge-like design that slims down to the front edge, and overall look is pleasing and modern. The tablet docks to the keyboard station via a docking port with a snap-on feature, and now, it also has a magnetic support for extra reliability when bringing along the tablet working as a netbook.


The HP Envy x2 features an 11-inch display with resolution of only 1366×768, making it something not really likable aside from the IPS technology that enhances viewing angles of up to 178 degrees. Expectedly, the same display technology is powered with touch capability for easy swiping and tapping on the Metro interface of Windows 8, but surely you’ll also love experimenting with the included clickboard on the keyboard station. The said clickboard is quite responsive enough, and thankfully, came with a more ample space for users not to ask for an external pointing device.

The keyboard of the HP Envy x2 for such a body size is well spaced, making the typing experience feel like it is truly fully sized. Tactility is well enough with just the right amount of travel, though I hoped this one complements itself with a backlight. And lastly, for the inputs and outputs, the tablet itself has the power button, volume rockers, front-faced speaker grilles (enhanced by Beats Audio), an 8-MP camera with flash at the back, 2MP camera at the front for video calls, an audio port, plus a micro-SD slot welcoming storage cards of up to 64GB. All these said, it is also worth noting that the keyboard station packs itself with its own set like two USB2.0 ports, a full-sized HDMI, a card slot for extra expansion (double expansion options since the device only has a 64GB drive), and of course, a complementary battery that doubles the life of the tablet itself.

Unfortunately, what pulls the hybrid system of HP down is the performing crew the X2 gets. Packed inside is a plain Atom processor from HP that is just a bit more-or-less to expect, plus 2GB of RAM for day-to-day computing. You don’t expect to do anything else here with the said performing specs, but thankfully, HP adds a bit of spice by including Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and NFC, plus the said Beats audio enhancement.

I think the biggest selling factor of the HP Envy x2 is the build quality and the aesthetics; having Windows 8 cannot be strictly called a distinct feature nowadays. Other than these, the X2 can be tagged ‘pricey’ for its value thinking and how the device falls short with specs to perform extra tasks like the multimedia ones. Nevertheless, the X2 of HP can still be one terrific gift idea for this Valentine.

HP Envy x2 Windows 8 Convertible Laptop Price in the Philippines: Approximately Php 38,000.00

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  1. ely martinez says

    in philippines, which store/s (preferably found in metro manila or near cities) can you buy HP ENVY x2? And do you know where can i get its Screen protector FIT for its monitor and its other accessories? hope to hear answer soon. thanks

    • I just got my envy and there is no available screen protector for this but in malls, you can avail it by cutting and shaping it accordingly

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