Bose SIE2i Sport Headphones

It’s not new for us, especially to the sports-geared individuals, to know that audio manufacturing companies are into different sports companies for a special kind of partnership, all in the goal to produce exclusively offered equipment with exclusive features. Both leading companies Nike and Adidas have already made their share, but as for me, I find Reebok to be a newbie here. Introducing the new $149-earpiece, the SIE2i should be a user-friendlier alternative over the expensive and exclusive rivals.

Let me play along here for a while; I think the SIE here in the model number stands for ‘sports in-ear’ because that’s what the general design concept is all about with the SIE2i. Bose is known for quite some time now, and they are at least on par to quality equipment with all the promising guarantees and warranties. The SIE2i does not disappoint at all, and simply looking at the very trendy and modern design, you’d sure this earphone is about to steal some show right away.

The Bose SIE2i is actually an Apple version of the SIE2, and the main difference is simply in the remote control found on the main cable—more with it later. Available in only two colors, the company’s choice of going for the orange and the green colors are quite wise, thinking that both colors can either be masculine and feminine. The package features a sweat-resistant, weather-resistant material, and coming into the package are some accessories and additional items like an extension cable, additional ear buds/tips, a clothing clip, and of course, a basket of papers or documents.

Each earpiece measures 0.75inches in width and an inch in height, and this is due to the SIE2i’s sporty feature Bose called as the StayHear tips. The tips are shaped like an open-centered shark fin that keys in and conforms to the size and shape of the ear, adding extra mount of lock without compromise on comfort. Having replaceable tips on package, one down I saw with this package is that it does not offer an alternative to choose between an ordinary tip to a StayHear tip. Nevertheless, the tips worked really fine and hold firmly without that unusual pressure right in the ear.

Another great feature with this package is the exclusive Reebok armband, which I did not mention in the list a while ago. The armband comes along with the same color as opted in the earphones themselves and are made with premium quality fabric that stretches a bit but does not pinch that tight for the average arm. Though it is not available in different sizes, one great problem with the armband is its feature itself, which is an enclosure for a portable music player or a smartphone. While most smartphones can fit in perfectly to the slot, new models like the iPhone 5 cannot really do that well. Nonetheless, having the armband seemed to complement the short standard cable, that is, if you don’t want to use the 21-inch extension cable.

Using the TriPort headphone technology only found on Bose, the company made this SIE2i truly worth its price with the well-balanced sound it reproduces. On the first try, I found the sound quality to be a bit too typical if not cheap. What I mean is that, there’s not really much special when I first tried it, but after a period of time, I started appreciating the well-tuned sound with the right spaces between frequencies while maintaining control on bleed; I bet my false impression was due to a wrong choice of song (but this bothers me still, making me think that this earphone is not for every song I know).  With the bass that everyone awaits, the Bose SIE2i contains a decent amount of pump for every beat, though it is not really persuasive enough comparative to Beats or any other in the competition.

For my verdict, the Bose SIE2i is a well-rounded sports-and-sound equipment, more if used with the armband exclusive with Reebok. I’m pretty sure there are not a large number of Reebok fans out there, but adding such a flavor—plus the choice of bright neon colors—is a plus to keep the sweaty morning exercises ongoing. The SIE2i is, lastly, priced fairly, though we’d want to see more versatility like more color choices, extra remote for non-Apple device, and a non-fin-type ear tips.

Bose SIE2i Sport Headphones Price in the Philippines: Approximately Php 6,500.00

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