HP Pavilion 27xi LCD Monitor

While AIO (All-In-One) PCs are widely available from different brands that can suggest themselves, it is still inevitable that many do still prefer desktop PCs over the portable ones. Indeed having a full-set desktop PC has its own package of benefits, though one big disadvantage is the bulk and hassle of those wires and big components. Hence, being a huge role player to desktop PCs, it is also expected that parts like monitors have their own goodies besides display quality—but not all. Introducing one of the latest monitors from HP, the 27xi of the Pavilion series should bring about some few notifications to trend.

It’s pretty reasonable for me to go in advance when I say that this monitor or display unit has nothing more to promise you than it being essentially designed for. What I mean is that, outside the gorgeous display with respective controls, you cannot expect it to do ‘skyping’ because there’s no webcam. No speakers also mean you have to purchase a good set to enjoy its full HD resolution for movies. And if this will concern you a bit, not having a card reader and other ports like USB will mean you can’t launch media files or other compatible data directly for a quick view in this monitor. There’s no wall mounting feature also, making it not the one you’d ask for a home cinema experience. However, better not be discouraged because the HP Pavilion 27xi has all it gets to be a reliable media output device: it has a full-sized HDMI port, a DVI, and a VGA. Not only that, the cabinet measures only 0.5 inches thick, and the 30-degree tilt should do enough for you.


All those said, it is almost tantamount for anyone to ask for an exact price for a quote. At $339.99, the HP Pavilion 27xi is worth its price at its 27-inch display size, though you’d want to ask for a lower resolution at a lower display size if you are a bit short of budget. While the said price can be a bit too premium to some, it is still worth noting that such a price relieves a lot of tension because of the said full HD resolution at 1920x1080p, not to mention it has an IPS technology for that solid wide-angle viewing experience. With the picture quality, there’s hardly one spot to mention for a flaw; the quality is astonishing, colors are reproduced naturally with just the right amount of saturation and vividness, though you’d prefer putting this inside your house because it is not really designed to play under direct sunlight. And talking about light, I am a bit disturbed with the solid reflections with the coating of the display. While the display showed an almost perfect 64-step grayscale, the black isn’t that black enough, making you see who’s beside or behind you when the display turned black.

On the other hand, the HP Pavilion 27xi has an exceptional aesthetics that are not only appealing to the modern world, but also is also equipped with technologies adding to its elegance. With silver chromes, almost-perfect edge-to-edge glass, and a very slim form factor, the 27xi is just stunning as its gorgeous display. While only having a vertically tilting hinge and an immobile footprint, the 27xi is nevertheless almost seamless in design, more if you turn it on making the display ‘pop-up.’ Moreover, there’s hardly any ports or buttons on the side; the 27xi has touch-sensitive buttons on the bottom that are lighted up when you swipe a finger on them. Without doing so, only the power button is visible, making the design look clean and easy to the eyes.

Lastly, the HP Pavilion 27xi is not short with controls, even ones you can customize as presets. The 27xi, first of all, has its My Display software to facilitate controls though the keyboard or mouse. This should save a lot of time and effort especially to those who are fond of using keyboard shortcuts if not mouse gestures. Secondly, there’s also a Quick View menu that offers quick picture presets such as for texts or documents, for games, photo viewing, movie watching, and even the new HP Enhance+, which allows users to enjoy a seamless picture quality with noise and other artifacts minimized according to preferred intensity.

The HP Pavilion 27xi for its price is quite awesome even without the extra features possible. Having a full range of controls plus extra software to master the display unit, the 27xi is one great performer at only 22 watts as tested. Being green, being friendly, and being stunningly beautiful is what makes the 27xi a must-buy nowadays.

HP Pavilion 27xi LCD Monitor Price in the Philippines: Approximately Php 15,000.00

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