Nikon D3200 DSLR Camera

Both the D5100 and D300 of Nikon hit the market this year for the company’s main digital SLR line. While both cameras do well with professional photography, the company came up with a new brother for this reputation but in a rather more compact body without the loss for lens interchangeability. Its new model, the D3200, is made with fresh photographers in mind, and should sell well enough more as an ‘educator’ because of the featured ‘guide mode.’ Priced reasonably at $700, the new Nikon D3200 should be a viable replacement to the inexperienced photographer’s technical pieces.

Bodied in a more compact but sturdier body, the Nikon D3200 measures just 3.8x5x3.1inches all in all without the included 18-55mm lens, and is relatively lighter at only a pound. Being a DSLR boxed in a smaller and lighter body, the D3200 wins over the mirrorless cameras with the pre-built optical viewfinder. The said viewfinder is well and good for those who do not really want the details with the right amount of light passing into it. With a rather pentamirror design, users must not expect that much with the brightness within the viewfinder when compared to the more expensive ones.

Unlike bigger DSLR equivalents, the Nikon D3200 fills itself with more intuitive button choices and layout to provide the best options for both newbies and professionals. Some new conveniences added to this new model is the addition of a direct Live View button, a direct video shoot button, an ‘i’ button for quickly accessing some essential options including image quality to flash compensation and metering, and a better but still-not-articulating display not at 921,000 pixels on its 3-inch diagonal size. The said ‘guide mode’ plus the optical viewfinder are also some new things newbies would surely love to explore.

With the said guide mode, switching over it via the mode dial up on top of the camera welcomes users to a colorful interface where and ‘easy’ or ‘advanced’ mode for guidance or instructions can be selected. In this mode, users are asked and guided as to how they would want a subject or scene to be harnessed or reviewed, captured or preset, not to mention yet how such mode also gives sufficient knowledge-base for optimally configuring the camera settings. However, I find this guide mode to be something one would soon abandon when the lessons within are already mastered, making users shift to a better and even manually-controlled camera.

Like any other DSLRs, the Nikon D3200 did not fail also with its own performing arts; thanks to the inclusion of DX-formatted CMOS sensor at 24.7MP and the advanced processor for faster frame rates and better AF performance. However, I found the camera to be in a difficult phase when rendering subjects under low-lit scenes, but this should not matter enough especially for the average enthusiasts. White balance is also intuitive enough to set itself off the brim, plus the anti-noise technology that really handles the grains even when ISO is set to 6400.

With the image quality, the Nikon D3200 is superb at providing the rightful amount of details and color reproduction for each photos. With the said pixel capability, users who are fond of cropping images within or without the camera would not matter about the loss of details. One downside however in this camera is that images displayed on the LCD does not really match to what is really captured on the sensor, thus on the PC, let’s say. This said, users would often lead themselves to ‘misjudging’ a captured image, as it may appear bluer or ‘cooler’ in the LCD.

Calling for my verdict, I consider the Nikon D3200 as a fantastic design-model catering quality ‘service’ especially to new photography enthusiasts. Its price is also well-enough to be reasonable for the outstanding details and the superb image quality, but we’d love to see more with a better OVF and a more accurate LCD. Thanks to the guide mode, new users would surely love to know and feel what is it like to be a professional photographer real soon.

Nikon D3200 DSLR Camera Price in the Philippines: Approximately Php 31,000.00

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