Dell XPS One 27 Touch All-in-One Desktop Computer

If you’d ask me anything about the things I hate about Apple’s new iMac, it would be that it sacrificed an ODD for the stunningly gorgeous form or aesthetics. Thanks to Dell for bringing up its new XPS model—the One 27 Touch—finally Apple must have something to worry about at least in some few enumerable ways. Being an AIO (all-in-one), the new Dell XPS One 27 Touch is but truly promising with all the good hardware packaging down to the chips and the rest of the specs. While the XPS One 27 offers a good poster full of promises, should its premium price be a green light to those who are looking for the ‘perfect’ AIO?

With the XPS One 27, Dell did a good job by making the new Windows 8 truly amazing with this new model: a 27-incher. Being a big screener, it is of no excuse how the design won so many awards from a number of prestigious consumer advisories, particularly because of its true resolution at ‘quad HD’ or 2560x1440p. This said, the XPS One 27 then is almost a perfect parallel to Apple’s 27-incher, except that both companies boast of their unique technologies to bring the contents in a more life-like—or paperlike—form. Moreover, this resolution made the XPS One 27 from Dell one of the best Windows 8 PCs up to this date.

While the display boasts so much to mean something for its price, the Dell XPS One 27 Touch has some downsides also making it slightly unfriendly. Talking about the XPS One 27’s display has not been claimed to be with an IPS technology, so viewing angles are not really advertised. Brightness level is almost good and friendly though, but for a screen this size, sharing the content like an HD movie would mean a lot if everyone could see true colors on both extremities. Moreover, while I am indeed pleased with the new hinge that supports the display to its base, I am quite frustrated to not tilting the display down to a perfect 90-degree. That said, you couldn’t really lay the display down flat on a table for your friends to share some more fun with its 10-point touch capability.

While the iMac gained its truly fantastic aesthetics out by diminishing the presence of an ODD, Dell’s XPS One 27 rehabilitated such a feature by making the body thicker to accommodate such hardware. Instead of the usual tray, Dell must have been inspired by the said competitor to use a slot-in type of ODD, with control buttons right on the front surface instead of going along to where the slot can be found. I found this actually to be a bit awkward, more if you’d know that the ‘hover-to-light-up’ buttons do not have any labels at all (making the design clean but sacrificing usability?). Moreover, several more ports have been added as well, not to mention those hidden beneath the hinge like an HDMI in and out, plus extra USB ports which are tightly spaced; I wish the USB ports were colored blue to identify them as the USB 3.0 versions.

Depending on how much you have, the Dell XPS One 27 starts at a price of $1400 and that’s awkwardly without a touch capability. Adding more to the specs and if you have extra amount of dollars not more than $2,500, the XPS One 27 can have the 3rd Generation Intel Core i7 processor, 8GB of RAM, 2TB of storage, dual-band WiFi+BT4.0, NVIDIA GeForce GT 640M at 2GB, and even a Blu-ray combo, but all with Windows 8 as standard. The very premium package comes with an ultrabook-style wireless keyboard plus a standard-functioned wireless mouse for extra convenience. I am indeed thankful there’s not anymore a power brick to bring along, so plugging the 240W unit would at least slash some amount of stress at least.

The Dell XPS One 27 Touch is one outstanding piece of a PC that caters almost all expected PC and big-screen features except a slot for an antenna or cable. Aside from its premium price, the XPS One 27 may still not be the right tool for families and professional graphic artists, but generally, the gorgeous display resolution would mean a lot making it one good artifact placed on the living room.

Dell XPS One 27 Touch All-in-One Desktop Computer Price in the Philippines: Approximately Php 65,000.00 (Starting Price)

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