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Having a Windows 8 mobile experience doesn’t have to be so hard… and expensive. We are indeed grateful to Nokia’s thought of making a Windows 8 phone more available to the average consumer who preferred the said platform to the overpopulated Android and pricey iOS. In their latest ‘baby’ model, the 620, the Lumia series must have found its little brother that has a body bigger and heftier than the antecedents. Still having that pleasing and youthful look, the Nokia Lumia 620 is available relatively cheap at only $250.

Having a smaller display doesn’t imply a smaller body, and this is realized by this new Nokia Lumia 620. Having a body with a height of 115.4mm, a width of 61.1, and a thickness of 11mm, the smartphone is but big and a bulk to one hand; actually, the 620 is a lot bigger than the new phones from Apple and a long list of new smartphones from the competition. Available in only four colors, the Nokia Lumia 620 features a new way of modifying the available colors by adding an extra ‘layer’ of translucent protective film, called by Nokia as the ‘dual-shot shell,’ that makes yellow look like neon green, for example.

While having that flexible character, the Nokia Lumia 620 adds more to making the Windows 8 customization showcased also on the outside. Such as, if you want to tweak the OS theme color to red, simply replacing the cover is as simple as 1-2-3. Gladly also, the Lumia 620 also picked up the simplicity of its predecessor’s button layouts, so going on the display for that rich Windows content is never a mess. Like any Windows smartphone or device, the Lumia 620 reiterates the platform’s capability to fully customize the Windows Live Tiles, or Metro interface, as others would call it.

While short with a bigger display, the TFT screen is still acceptable in its price with a native resolution of 480×800. At a pixel density also of 246ppi, the screen should be reliable enough for web browsing and MS office experience, though for sure a lot would ask for more. Thanks also to the light sensitivity, the Nokia Lumia 620 can switch to a brighter display when under hardly-lit situations. Coming together with the picture quality of the display comes the 5-MP camera, which as Nokia has claimed, is capable of exclusive features like the Smart Shoot where the camera takes a series of snaps and allows you to choose the best ‘heads,’ and the City Lens that allows you to see the details of your location with the use of GPS alongside.

Acting as the stage crews for the Nokia Lumia 620 are its dual-core processor from Snapdragon at 1GHz plus half-a-gig of RAM. This may sound so outdated and underwhelming, but incredibly the Nokia Lumia 620 is snappy enough with almost no noticeable lags or crashes. Tiles also switch smoothly from one frame to the other, and playing videos are clean and decent enough for everyone to enjoy. The Nokia Lumia 620 has 8GB internal storage, but if you are the one who thinks the 7GB free SkyDrive storage is not enough, care to swap in a 64GB SD card.

Ultimately, the Nokia Lumia 620 in all its capabilities including 3G (and not 4G) is not short with the juice to extract. Thankfully, the battery is said to provide up to 10 hours of talk-time, and that’s already 3G. Music playback streamed long enough for more than two days, and for movies, at least you can watch three or four movies a day. The Lumia 620 has NFC capability, but don’t expect the cheaper version of Lumia to be capable of wireless charging, at least for now.

For its price, having a Windows 8 smartphone is never that hard and sweaty anymore, thanks to the thought Nokia has on its low-income consumers on this Lumia 620. While the 620 is short in some ways, issues won’t be noticeable and it being a fashionable item makes the phone still worthy item for the budget-conscious consumers.

Nokia Lumia 620 Windows 8 Smartphone Price in the Philippines: Approximately Php 11,000.00

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