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Have you heard of any smartphone thinner than the iPhone 5 and Samsung Galaxy S4? For goodness sake, yes, there is, and I’d love to show you around on Alcatel’s new One Touch model in the name of Idol X. Yes, what you heard was right, the Idol X of Alcatel sports a very slim body at only 7.1mm thick for a 5-inch form factor. Not really a major brand Alcatel is, but at least they’ve been known to be providing quality smartphones at a much lower competing price. The Idol X of Alcatel sounds like a real threat to the said rivals, but is it really is?

Let me get this straight ahead: the Alcatel One Touch Idol X will be available in two versions, though as of now only a few people knows the real future of the variations with this model. One version comes with an 8-MP camera, and that same model comes also with an expandable SD memory of up to 32GB outside its 16Gb internal storage. The other variation will come in a Samsung S4-like camera at 13MP, though I am quite confused why they have to remove the extra storage slot on it. 4G versions are rumored to be available soon on some European or Asian countries, but as of now, we cannot do anything but hope for one without a dramatic price hike.

One of the biggest features of the Alcatel One Touch Idol X is that it has a paper-like, 5-inch display. The display, unlike the coveted Super AMOLED, is variably better and more ‘popped-out’ when compared. At 440 ppi for a full HD 1080p resolution, the Idol X also features a strong display with 178-degree viewing angle via IPS technology. This must be one of the most awesome displays I’ve ever encountered for a low-profile phone, and this just leaves Apple’s Retina display signature to be paralleled almost perfectly. Being touch-sensitive, I also found no hiccups also with the multi-touch gestures, and playing games on this device is but truly responsive as it is immersive.

Running at the almost-the-latest version of Android at 4.2.1, the Alcatel One Touch Idol X is one smartphone way too ahead of the most in the same hike. Powering also the Idol X is a quad-core 1.5GHz processor that is just good enough as any other smartphones people know out there. I actually found some troubles playing games like Riptide here as the Idol X struggled in giving the best frame rates, but anyhow, the rest of the apps including opening several tabs within the same browser was not problem at all. Thankfully also, the 2GB of RAM really coped up with multiple apps all standing by at the same time.

On the design side, the Alcatel One Touch Idol X is a very friendly 5-incher smartphone not only because it is thin but because it gives users a higher level of peace of mind despite the expected low price. Though the material is expectedly plastic, the soft finish especially on the back is really comfortable and premium in feeling. Soft curved edges also helped in providing a better, promising grip on this phone. There’s also the very lovely thin bezel around the display that helped make the display pop out more, and since the bezel is kept to the minimum, you can actually enjoy swiping around the 5-inch display with only one hand. However, if comfort is the real issue, you might not want the reflections on the display, knowing that the Idol X can only provide a fair amount of display brightness.

Lastly, despite the insufficiency, I am still proud of Alcatel for cramping a 2000mAh battery on this smartphone. Apparently, the said battery life will not really suffice for a whole-day 5-incher, quad-core experience, but at least to my first try, it did gave me at least 6 hours doing all things at the same time. The Alcatel One Touch Idol X is a very humble but advanced move to making people have a good smartphone without compromise, and very soon, we’ll be looking forward to a very surprising price for this premium handset in disguise.

Alcatel One Touch Idol X Android Smartphone Price in the Philippines: Approximately Php 14,000.00

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