Bang & Olufsen BeoPlay A9 Wireless Speaker

If you got a pocket money of more or less $3,000, what kind of sound equipment should you buy? Would you opt for a 12.1 ultra-surround sound system for your home entertainment, or would you just go for a slightly smaller package that looks like a folded round table or a satellite dish? The latter is which I am so proud to let you know. Introducing the new BeoPlay of Bang & Olufsen in the name of A9, sound quality should not anymore be fathomed from a big black box with all the wires to trouble you.

Going back to the price, you’d learn that the Bang & Olufsen BeoPlay A9 is but tantalizing not only for its looks that you’ll learn later, but also for its jaw-dropping price. At $2,699 direct price without the extra accessories of course, you get a full-fledged speaker system that looks like how I described it. The A9 is shaped like a dish, literally, and if looking at the sides, you’ll notice the convex form factor on both surfaces. Offered with a standard white color, you can actually choose your optional cover color for extra bucks, and colors include silver, green, red, black, and brown. However, though the premium price sadly does not include its wall mount, you are at least given the chance to choose from the kind of wood for the ‘tripod.’ Choices include teak, oak, and beech.

The Bang & Olufsen BeoPlay A9 works only with a wire on it which is the power line, not unless you opt for the hard way via its RCA line (oops, again, for the price, there’s no AUX port or any 3.5mm connectivity) or through the Ethernet port. There’s hardly any buttons also on the overall design, two of which (the power and the Wi-Fi) are virtually invisible also despite being on the top surface. The rest of the controls or ports are found on the lid, which is posited on the lower arc of the back surface. Such lid comes in a pitcher-type lip for easy dismantling, and herein you can choose beforehand the way to where this compact sound system will be placed for optimal spatial acoustic performance: on the wall, on a corner, or in an open space.

One big set of features this A9 of B&O boasts is its ‘magic’ sound control. Though there’s not a physical way to change between music tracks, the A9 features a swipe-through feature—called the Magic Volume Control—for tuning the volume up and down. What you need t do is to have your hand slide on the top edge of the dish to do so. The same sensors work also for muting the playback, and for doing so all you need to do is to rest your hand on the topside of the dish, and there you go as well for resuming playback. The technology itself is actually awesome and impressive enough for everyone, but as for me, there’s a drawback: especially because it comes with a white fabric cover as a standard, dirty hands will surely mud the overall elegance of the surface. And worse, just in case you’d ask, there’s no extra remote control that you can use for the A9 aside from your smartphone.

On the specs side of the Bang & Olufsen BeoPlay A9, the system sports five power amplifiers—a 160-watt class D for ass, two 80-watt class D for midrange, and two 80-watt class D for treble. Adding to these are five drivers also—an 8-incher woofer, two 3-incher midrange drivers, plus two ¾-incher tweeters. All of these add to the effective frequency range of 33.1-25,000Hz, and with wireless connection via DLNA or AirPlay, the A9 is but the perfect solution for superb sound quality and audio level for a hall-size room. There’s no question to put on the S9, as I am totally stunned with its bass response. Instruments feel alive and warm to the ears with just the right amount of distance between each, and vocals are just distinct enough to love.

The Bang & Olufsen BeoPlay A9 is a magnificent piece of an art and a technology that comes in a very premium price. The said price still shorts with some other essentials like a wall mount, plus limiting an AUX for extra connectivity should really bother some. However, if your care is more on the fashion side of your interior without worries for the price, the A9 is but the absolute solution for you.

Bang & Olufsen BeoPlay A9 Wireless Speaker Price in the Philippines: Approximately Php 120,000.00

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