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Existent for more than 50 years, the company Klipsch has been a faithful steward to providing excellent audio materials in just the right momenta and price. Pious to its punchline “Keepers of Sound,” the company must have gone over the rivalry when it also produced one ‘foreign’ design: instead of the usual in-ear designs, they made an on-ear one with the model name ‘Image One.’ Priced averagely half of the competition at just about $150, this Image One of the veteran company should be a good wait for this season.

While the Klipsch Image One comes in a rather plasticky material, I held the headband with ease and confidence because it actually felt strong enough. The materials, rather, are more of a combination of plastic, chrome, and slight metal parts, but the main attraction here is the well-padded contact parts of the headband that arouses comfort and ergonomics. The Image One as a headband stretches and flexes well to fit to different head shapes and sizes, and its earcups can swivel to about 90 degrees for easier storage and adjustments.

Being only 90 degrees, one problem with the construction is that it does not tilt to the inside, making it a bit hard to swallow for a premium headset. However, as said, storage is easy with the included semi-hard casing, and when brought along, really slashes off a huge amount of worry. Coming also in this affordable package is the 6.3mm adapter plus an airplane adapter. If you’d ask for extra cables, or extra foams at least, you have to know that the cables are fully mounted, hence, not detachable.


Having a soldered cable is a bit of a nerd, so to say, but the company assured the cable’s reliability and consistency to the point they gave away a two-year warranty-guarantee. This is among the best advantages to having this headphone from Klipsch, making you feel like “Oh, Klipsch are so confident that there’s not gonna be a problem with the line.” For the less-than-four-feet cable, there’s an Apple device-friendly remote that does not only facilitate volume controls or even music playback, but also boasts of an echo-cancelling, 360-degree microphone that as tested are as clear as it is promised. This, however, has a sad part on its other side: if you’re not an iPod user, you’d surely ask for a cable without such controls.

With the foams, I find the mesh material to be exceptionally soft and true to its being a memory foam. The foams themselves are detachable, hence replaceable just in case it is soiled if not outworn in time. Made out of genuine leather plus the closed-back design, the earcups are efficient in ambient noise canceling and isolation, making user immerse to the sound they are listening to. The foams, on the other side, while maintaining comfort, provides an amount of heat in less than two hours as tested, plus, within that span of time, that familiar pressure can also be expected though not really noticeable.

Powering from within the design is the company’s high-density 40mm drivers that are promised to deliver reputable audio with no compromise for its price. As per my tests, the Klipsch Image One sounded clear and crisp enough, though not totally crisp that you can isolate one instrument or vocal from the other. Instead, audio seemed well-blended and refined, making listening not really something to make you feel tired after hours of listening. I have no problems with the mids, but aside from having a relatively flat sound with the highs, the lower frequencies are a bit too much to perceive, sometimes overlapping the rest of the frequencies. This earband should be a good option for audiophiles who cry for that hyperbass, but if your style is more with comfort, then I’d say you choose some other ones.

For its price, the Klipsch Image One is one real good jerk to your music and even movie needs. Sound quality is not compromised with the sound, not to mention the higher-than-average bass level. Having a more versatile body and a detachable cable should be a very viable idea to make this thing really hit the market, but for it being it is, it can still be called a well-rounded simple but premium headband you can have.

Klipsch Image One Headphones Price in the Philippines: Approximately Php 6,500.00

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