Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0 Android Tablet Computer

Cracks and rumors have been around for the last few months until the official material from Samsung has finally arrived to take a new place to the company’s tablet series. Introducing the new Note 8.0 of Samsung’s reputed Galaxy series, the usual 10-incher just got a smaller brother to pair against the big rival, the iPad. The Note 8.0, as named, actually is 0.1-inch bigger in display, but not the weight and the size. I would love to know if Samsung has left any unworthy notes on this new Note 8.0, so let’s try to look a little further.

Measuring 210.8×135, the Note 8.0 gets a little disappointing at least to my point of view because it gives a lot of bezel unlike what the Samsung Galaxy S4 showcases. This may not be a real problem to many, I think, hence I would like to put out that it is still incredible thin at 7.95mm. At 345grams for the LTE version (yes, it does come with that version if not WiFi-only), the Note 8.0 is also light enough to compete to leading tablets like Google’s Nexus 7, though we must be fair this gets a bigger screen than a simple 7-incher. The Note 8.0 of Samsung sports the same ports and buttons as usual, but it also adds an IR blaster for a more interactive tablet for TV screens, plus the expected S-pen for scribbling and doodling on the fly.

The Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0  in its screen size has 189ppi for the pixel density, making it at least up to par with what’s hot for a tablet these days. At 1280x800p, the Note 8.0’s resolution is no big competitor to what was offered on some Transformer tablets by Asus, but at least it did a good job on making web pages look crisp and bright even under a bright room. Samsung is not really known to always incorporate a Gorilla Glass and an IPS tech on their devices, but as for my impression, colors looked quite nice as what was seen on the S3, and viewing angles are at least good enough for sharing with two or three friends. Is the display shatter-proof or at least well-protected? For its unpredicted price, I think it will be.

Like the latest smartphones and tablets of Samsung, the Note 8.0 gears a good set of specs to make the job run with no trouble. Included is the familiar Exynos 4412 processor at four cores clocked at 1.6GHz each, a 2GB of RAM, optional 16GB or 32GB of storage, expandable storage of up to 64GB, and runs on 4.1.2 version of Android which isn’t the latest Jelly Bean yet. There’s no rumor for an OTA update, but as of now, all I can also feel thankful about is the inclusion also of a dual-band WiFi with WiDi support, and BT 4.0 for added connectivity outside its 3G capability which is version-dependent. Other than these, the Note 8.0 has the same USB 2.0 port, a 5MP main camera which is a little downward like that of a typical smartphone, and no HDMI port.

Lastly, the  Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0 like any other Galaxy Note tablets has all the note-taking and scribbling S-apps to assist users. Double-tapping the display using the S-pen will pull out a note-taking app; swiping the screen allows easy launching of apps or search materials available, and all outputs can be organized neatly as expected. With the mentioned RAM of 2GB, multitasking is also a breeze with customizable window sizes. The included video player also picks up snapshots of the scenes with no lags at all, and web pages load as fast as expected on a dual-band WiFi network. If you are familiar with TouchWiz of Samsung, then this tablet would be the friendliest one to help you out all day long; thanks also to its 4,600mAh battery.

Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0 Android Tablet Computer Price in the Philippines: Approximately Php 23,000.00

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