Acer Liquid E1 Android Smartphone

Acer lovers who had gone to this year’s Mobile World Congress (MWC) must have been touched with the company’s crude attempt to join the world for mobile/smartphones. Indeed, the company wasn’t that particular with smartphones other than selling tablets and big-screen devices that shows entertainment and eases burdens of life. Looking at the website, there’s not even a smartphone product listed yet, actually. However, as per my turn, I would love to give a fair trade to the phones cradled by the company on the said event, particularly the Liquid E1.

Actually, Acer managed to showcase a few devices on the event wherein aside from the E1 there’s also the Liquid Z2. Both phones seemed to be aiming more for the low-budget consumers, and thankfully, Acer did not disappoint. I am not really sure why Acer opted to start with something low, making me think that these smartphones are just a flagship for testing the weapons for the battle. Anyhow, the E1 is the bigger—and better—version when compared to the other half, and both handsets run on Jelly Bean, at least not the most updated version of it.

Both handsets of Acer sport some kind of plasticky material, though I’d say the Z2 feels a lot cheaper (maybe because it is lighter and smaller to my hand), Measuring 5.2×2.7×0.39inches, the Liquid E1 is not even competing to any other smartphones on the market even on the aspect of form, considering how Alcatel actually did something so fine to make it notable against the leading ones from Samsung and Apple. Moreover, its weight of 130grams means the Liquid E1 is something lower than an option per se, so if you are low on budget and kind of want to try out Acer, this might be suitable for you.

Packed in the Acer Liquid E1 is a 4.5-inch display sporting a 540x960pixels (the Z2 has a lower-end 3.5-inch display at 480×320) at 245 pixels per inch (density). This said, I am still trying to cope on the reality that the ‘E’ here which is said to stand for ‘entertainment’ is nothing more than having two separate speakers at the back—on the top, and the other at the lower part. Outside that, the said display cannot even be good for watching 720p movies, though you’d still love to try to enjoy a compressed pixel setting with an enlarged sound that is said to be powered by DTS. Lastly, the display at least has the IPS technology, so viewing from a weird angle will not really cripple the vivid colors the Liquid E1 portrays.

Other than the display, the Acer Liquid E1 sports a dual-core 1GHz processor (single-core for the Z2) to run its body and its Jelly Bean platform, and hardly there’s nothing you can check for a hiccup. Swiping across the display is snappy enough, and Acer even managed to include a cube-transition effect to swipe between screens on the desktop. It’s a shame I failed to try playing 3D games on this phone, but as for a budget smartphone, I didn’t even have the thought. Thankfully, however, there’s also a 1GB of RAM to cope to the needs of the apps, and for storage, a 4GB storage will do better with an external card of up to 32GB. Lastly, the Liquid E1 sports a 1760mAh battery (1300mAh for the Z2), which I believe should stand for a little less than a day’s work.

Acer Liquid E1 Android Smartphone Price in the Philippines: Approximately Php 10,000.00

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