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Phablets had been existent on the market like dinosaurs for a while, while only a few did last to bring convenience to specific purposes such as e-paper reading. However, Samsung has been a bit stubborn to the point it created its new Galaxy Note in the name of Note 2 to allow users to see more with a bigger display without compromising cellular capabilities. Cognizant of how the initiative works, LG also came up with its Nook 2-like phablet named Optimus G Pro.

LG’s new Optimus model is hardly an Optimus especially if you try to look at how it succeeds its other Optimus predecessors. Moreover, I must be honest the G Pro looked more like a combination of the Galaxy Note 2 of Samsung and the Nook, and to Google’s Nexus 4 at some extent, However, differences will start to pop out one by one once you take a closer look. As for me, which having a 5.5-inch display, the G Pro of LG is surprisingly thin and light, with measures of 5.91x3x0.37 inches at 172 grams. It is, of course, expected that it’ll be a pain to use a 5.5-incher with one hand, but unfortunately, unlike the Note 2, this one does not support an active stylus, at least as of now.

The design itself is not really robust in looks, but holding it speaks of how firm—or integrated—the build is. The LG Optimus G Pro sports a nearly invisible set of I/Os particularly because buttons are recessed and ports are kept to the minimal. Available for now in but a while color, the G Pro seemed like it repositioned its buttons for a specific hand size, making smaller hands suffer in congestion. However, one feature with the button is the added ‘Q’ button that allows users to customize a shortcut on it, such as a camera to be triggered with but a single button.

One of the biggest assets of the LG Optimus G Pro is its 5.5-inch display, which expectedly meets True HD resolution (1080p) at 401ppi. While the experience can be summarized as ‘stunning,’ I would like to reiterate the colors’ superb vibrancy and vividness, a tint that nothing yet has been comparable at least to my long time of experience with smartphones. While the display is bright enough for the average room brightness, one trouble I have though with the display is the reflection that can be distracting when walking under sunlight. Anyhow, the G Pro also seemed to adapt Samsung’s display reputation, which is a little added tint of blue for a cooler finish.

Empowering the LG Optimus G Pro from within is the newest quad-core Snapdragon processor I found, the Qualcomm APQ8064t Snapdragon 600 at 1.7GHz clocking speed. Adding to this, the G Pro completes the reliable piece with a 2GB of RAM for serious PC-like multi-tasking, wherein the new feature called ‘G-slide’ could really take advantage on (it’s a feature wherein you can open multiple windows at a time, resize windows, or have some floating over the other). Though there’s not discrete GPU as far as I know, games played have a reputable frame rate, and remarkably, there are no hiccups to be noticed even if there are several apps running at the background. The G Pro is really zippy, snappy, and is just the right device for multi-tasking purposes.

The LG Optimus G Pro also has a 13MP main camera with a 2.1MP one at the front. While the G Pro now features a dual-camera shooting wherein users can shoot a video from both cameras but in one same reel, I am actually not pleased with the camera’s relatively poor white balance and low-light performance. Nevertheless, shooting 1080p videos is still cool enough, and I am glad the internal 32GB of storage can be furthered via an SD card you can put from the back of the device. Lastly, the camera also features a 360-degree stitched panorama.

Ultimately, I am proud of this phablet because it can accommodate all its features and specs with its powerful 3140mAh battery. Though there’s no strict promise that the device can stay longer than 12 hours, I actually got a full daylight experience doing the web, movies, and even games. That’s all I have to say for now, but what I can do as a verdict for the LG Optimus G Pro is that, finally, Samsung found a very strong rival to its Galaxy Note series.

LG Optimus G Pro Android Smartphone / Tablet Price in the Philippines: Approximately Php 30,000.00

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