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If you’re not tired of bringing along a portable hard drive on your pocket or bag, then you’d probably want to hear that there’s a printer out there that has almost the same body factors as well. Interested? Let me give you a tour to LG’s new pocket printer, the Pocket Photo. You heard it right, the name itself is too simple, but once you realize the technology behind it to make it cost like around $170, you’d surely rethink as to how great it would rather turn out for you. Let’s try to check it out.

Available in silver, orange, and pink, the LG Pocket Photo literally looks like a portable hard drive, more because there’s the same mini-USB port as you’d see on a pocket drive. However, the LG Pocket Photo can be a bit thicker if not bigger, and at 4.76×2.83×0.94inches, this printer is fairly a device that can still suit to a range of sweater pockets generally. Luckily also, for the said price, the LG Pocket Photo has a lot of metal accents in it, though I would wish the whole body should be strong enough to withstand the drops and scratches that one would suspect for a portable drive as well. Lastly, if you’re thinking of ink spills and misalignment to cartridges as would happen to a typical printer, be not too anxious: the LG Pocket Photo uses Zink – Zero Ink technology.

Putting the Zink in simple discussions, it is actually a technology more based on the type of paper than on the printer itself. The Zink technology uses a multi-layered paper wherein dye-based ones are found, and when put under a proper temperature from a proper device, colors will start to ‘arrange’ them to pop out the right image. Moreover, the first layer of the paper has nothing to do with the dye set itself, making the output to be waterproof and fade-proof as well. This is what made the LG Pocket Photo so different among portable printers offered out there, because users won’t have to worry anymore for any ink management. The only thing they have to worry though is the price it’ll get for each of these special photo papers. As of now, I unfortunately do not have a quote yet.

Opening the back side of the LG Pocket Photo reveals the space to where the special photo papers rest, and again, I am not pretty sure as to how many papers can the printer accommodate in one go. However, I am pretty sure that the LG Pocket Photo does not have a removable battery, and you have to charge it via the said mini-USB port. The LG Pocket Photo should have a good battery life as expected, though unfortunately I didn’t have much time to take it from a full charge to drain. Since it uses heat, I suspect the LG Pocket Photo is going to take a lot of energy from within to do its job.

The LG Pocket Photo in its port can support wired printing from Android devices, but being its main feature as well it also supports NFC for that ‘tap-and-print’ experience. The Pocket Photo requires its own app though for the job to take place, but since the app is free and the installation is simple, I also love the app’s being intuitive enough to complete one job to another. If you are an Apple device user, then, I’m sorry, the LG Pocket Photo is so far only available for Android devices because of the app it requires. If you are thinking of any other ways to print to this printer, you may try using the Bluetooth it caters to, though still, you need the app for this cause.

The LG Pocket Photo is only handy printer capable of producing acceptable outputs in 2×3 photo paper sizes. The technology behind the printer is what makes the LG Pocket Photo expensive enough, and using it requires also an amount since you need to get a constant supply of Zink’s special papers. But all in all, the LG Pocket Photo should be a great solution to those Android users who would want to print out everything they take on their smartphone, and immediately share the outputs to their families and friends.

LG Pocket Photo Portable Printer Price in the Philippines: Approximately Php 7,000.00

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