Pentax Q10 Compact Digital Camera Price in the Philippines

Trying to change the age of DSLRs to a ‘nano’ stage, Pentax has outdone itself again with its new Q10 over the preceding Q that we knew last year. Sharing almost the same good body and features, the Q10 has a lot more to say in its price of $600 for a 27.5-83mm kit lens. That said, the new Q10 is a lot cheaper, lighter, but comes packed also with an improved AF algorithm for a promised speed with its point-and-shot 1.2/3 sensor. Should this Pentax model be a camera of your interest? We’ll take a good shot on this.

At a body size of 58x102x33.5mm, the Pentax Q10 is incredibly one of the smallest compact system cameras that feature interchangeability with the lenses. Moreover, at its weight of 180grams, rivals in its class will surely pull back and think of what’s better to compete in this trend-changing revolution Pentax is almost achieving successfully. Available in silver and grey, black, and red and black, the Q10 of Pentax hardly looks like an SLR not only for its size, and with a smaller choice of lens kit, the Q10 can be mistaken as a simple point-and-shoot camera with a lot of dials.

With a magnesium-alloy body, the Q10 of Pentax is nonetheless sturdy at feel, though I would ask for a deeper grip for a much reliable state on one hand. Nevertheless, I love the almost all-metal construction with the right amount of rubbery material especially on the front surface. At the same surface, aside from the strong metal lens mount, there’s also the expected AF Assist lamp, plus a very rare 4-point dial that makes users key in as shortcuts to their favourite Smart Effect modes if not filters or aspect ratios. More with the main face comes the Wall-E-like pop-up flash that you must really take good care because it looks like it’s about to snap anytime.

More with the body, the Pentax Q10 also has the same AV port aside from the USB port. I love the sturdy-looking threaded port for a tripod, plus separated hubs for a storage card to a battery. Talking about battery, the Q10 got a little bit of an improvement over its predecessor’s 230-shot life, scoring now to a little bit more at only 250 which is still short. Moving forward, there’s the gigantic dial at the far left of the camera’s face wherein you get to access all those basic modes including movie mode and PASM, and on top, the shutter button with a power level around it, a hotshoe for external flash guns, playback button, and the flash trigger switch. And before I forget, one feature scribed within the same mode dial is the BC that stands for Blur Control, allowing even first-time shooters to take that bokeh-like effect even without prior knowledge of aperture settings.

As for the features and technical details, the Q10 of Pentax surely has achieved its AF improved, which in this case uses a contrast-detect system. Having 25 focus points, the Q10 is also capable of tracking a subject better than that of its predecessor. Moreover, the Q10 also features an electronic shutter of 1/6000 which takes over the mechanical one which is just 1/2000. Capable of producing RAW and JPEG, the Q10 is machined to do a 5fps sequential shooting, which is a little good for a camera this size. There’s also that dust removal system within the camera, so users are at least relieved of that dusty filth any lens or sensor could have. Knowing that the Q10 is, as said, not having a big sensor, I am also not pleased with the somewhat lower performance scores the Q10 takes especially in between each shots.

Lastly, the Pentax Q10 is not really that good with video quality, though at 30fps the full HD videos are smooth and easy with the convenience of manual controls. The same goes with taking photos; though I’d say it’s lens-dependent, I am actually expecting a better sensor despite the presence of an in-body image stabilization system. The rear 460k-dot LCD is at least bright enough for playback and live views, but at some angles you’d surely find the projected image to be inverted.

The Pentax Q10 is a very noteworthy innovation from the company, though I hardly find this model a credible duplicate or alternative to an SLR. The Q10 lacks a lot of features, but still, having a lot of flexibility like interchanging between lenses and extra manual controls make the Q10 a must-have for its justifiable price and a very compact body.

Pentax Q10 Compact Digital Camera Price in the Philippines: Approximately Php 25,000.00

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