Acer Iconia A1 Android Tablet Computer

It has been widely known that the Nexus 7 is the ‘best one-handed tablet’ so far, and it is even said to be better than the Apple iPad, which is more claimed to be good for reading e-books. However, the run for the best 7-incher slates still doesn’t halt, and Acer is not excluded to join the party. In its new model named Iconia A1, Acer seemed to be getting a lot of nerves to compete almost head-to-head with the iPad by giving off an almost-similar model but in a very big price difference; the Iconia A1 only sells for $169 for the Wi-Fi-only version.

Not only is the Acer Iconia A1 cool with the price, but with a few dollars more, the Iconia A1 is also said to be available in 3G models… and not 4G. Being true to its price, the Iconia A1 feels very premium still despite the lack of a metallic surface we’d learned to love and choosing for a hard plastic case. The Iconia A1 is not the slimmest as well, and at 0.44inches thick, it is but something one could grab, but not one could totally love. The Iconia A1 also weighs 14.4ounces, and at least, it’s not really painful to bring along.

Looking on all the surfaces and edges of the Acer Iconia A1, I’d say, there’s hardly anything new, i.e., if there really is something new. It packs a 5MP 1080p30p main camera at the back, and for live calls, you get another camera at the front at 0.3MP, which is really cheap. There’s also a single speaker grille at the back, and before I forget, the back surface is but only white in availability; I wish there would be more colors so that it will be more appealing than the iPad. For the ports, the Iconia A1 is already cool with a mini USB port and a mini HDMI-out port, and there’s a battery back there, which is on the average for battery life at approximately 7 hours.

The Acer Iconia A1 tops among the slates for being a tablet that caters an almost-perfectly-generic/stock Android 4.2 Jelly Bean. To make this better, it comes with a 4.3 display at 7.9 inches diagonally, and with the same resolution as that of the iPad at 1024×768, the Iconia A1 is at least sweet to the eyes even for reading purposes. The display also features IPS technology for a very lovable viewing angle, and my first impressions says it’s truly amazing. On contrast to this, the display still does not compete to what the 7-inch Nexus of Google boasts, which is a better pixel density at up to 1280x720p resolution.

Coming to make the package a bit more worth buying is the 1.2GHz quad-core ARM-based MediaTek processor and a gig o RAM. The Iconia A1 is also available in 8GB or 16GB of internal storage, and this can be better expanded up to another 32GB via an external storage card. It is said to be ideal also for gaming, but as for my tests, the Iconia A1 worked just fine with RipTide, but not really that great for me to cry ‘awesome!’ Nevertheless, it is very zippy in performance, and after a few hours using it, I didn’t even notice a disturbing hiccup.

The Acer Iconia A1 is a very good attempt to bring 7-incher tablets closer to people without compromise to performance albeit the build quality. It is also abundant with specs, and with a lovely display, it is surely a good tablet that you can take as an alternative to the expensive iPad of Apple.

Acer Iconia A1 Android Tablet Computer Price in the Philippines: Approximately Php 7,500.00 (Starting Price)

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