Denon AH-D600 Over-the-Ear Headphones

It’s not every day that you encounter ear cans from Denon, especially when you see the Beats and Audio Technica competes well with Sennheiser especially on the aspect of the lows. Unlike some competition, Denon still manages to cope up to this ‘bassy’ trend by giving its new AH-D600 as its pawn for the category. The D600 of Denon is not cheap actually, making it more like a possession if not an obsession to those who want to get isolated with their own music pumping to their hearts. Priced at around $499, the D600 should get what it ensures.

A carabiner carrying case, two detachable cables, plus a 50mm driver—these are but the key features of the D600 of Denon. However, looking at its packaging side, I’d say it’s unfair to know that Denon did not really intend to make its aesthetics to be one on the list. The D600 of Denon sports a very gorgeous build, though I must admit it looked more plasticky and cheap when paired with someone from a competition. I cannot say that it is really fashionable, but the plain and simple curves all over the body plus a plush foam in rugged leather finish would make it look like it should stay at home. Available only for a black model (at least to my knowledge), the D600 looks big without implying convenience.

One big plus of the Denon AH-D600 to make it advantageous for its price is its pure anodized metal shell with a closed-back design. Being an over-the-ear rather than an on-ear produce, the D600 is unique in its own kind without any second thought of it being a replicate of someone like Beats. Along the protein leather for the foam comes that white-stitched accessory for a more rugged look and feel, and luckily I am surprised to learn how such a construct is sturdy and reliable even when taken on travel. I only wish though that the plastic streak on both cups would be metal as well, so as to keep its being a deluxe headphone consistent on every side.

Included in the said gorgeous casing is the said set of cables, and I actually love the package’s inclusion of a gold-plated 6.3mm adapter for those audiophiles. Such a build is amazingly consistent with the rest of the package as well, more if you try to look closer to the cables included. One of the said cables is a 10-ft one, which I think having the wires coiled would do a lot better, and the other is a bit shorter with audio and voice controls for iOS devices. The cables are very premium for the looks down to the build, and they actually gave me that instant peace of mind putting it along anywhere from my pocket down under the bed.

While everything is swift and easy already as it sounds, the Denon AH-D600 does not really ensure comfort and convenience on the long run. One inconvenience is the build-up of heat from within and even on the protein leather itself, making users wanting to remove it in less than an hour, actually (at least to my experience in this typical climate). While the flex on the band is quite assuring, it can also give that familiar pressure on the head, more if you learn that adjusting the band to adjust to your hand should take a little more effort. The only big convenience I think is that it has two ports for the audio—one for each side, and replacing non-working cables is a spree.

Featuring a bigger driver does not always mean a better sound, and this is authenticated by Denon’s D600. One very distinctive feature of the D600 is the 50mm driver, and this adds to the overall bass response in this earpiece. Seriously, the D600 beats the Beats off the hook on each bass punch, with far more pronounced bass and treble. On the mids, it made the frequencies a bit of flat, making it not really suitable for classics and jazz. With this said, I can actually say that the D600 is more for contemporary music or contemporary rock, electronic music, and disco files. With a sound definition very far from being universal, it is not really one to guarantee you sweet music all day.

The Denon AH-D600 is one premium piece of an art more than a viable piece of sound equipment. Having that extra bass justifies its bigger driver, and having extra paraphernalia plus a solid build, it is still one marketable piece for the sound industry despite the possible flaws. We expect its price to slash lower nowadays to make it more fitting for the grocery list of the audiophiles.

Denon AH-D600 Over-the-Ear Headphones Price in the Philippines: Approximately Php 25,000.00

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