Klipsch Image X7i In-Ear Headphones

‘Teardrop-in-velocity’—that’s what I love to call the Klipsch’s new in-ear concepts’ design. Seen already on the company’s flagship, the X10 (and X10i), I am glad to be introducing for today a new model under the name Image X7i. Featuring the same teardrop design that is pronouncedly smaller than the usual Klipsch designs, the X7i is but tantalizing not only because it shines like a pearl under moonlight, but because of the ceramic shell plus an in-line control for iOS devices. Priced before at around $199, the Klipsch Image X7i is now on sale at just $149 more or less.

Starting with the package, the Klipsch Image X7i surprises its buyers with a hi-quality packaging. The box itself flips open from the front, and such is covered with black print with a lot, lot of text on it—all talking about who Klipsch is and what the product is all about (unluckily, you see almost the same amount of info on the user’s manual included). Sounds premium, right? But upon my impression, I am more surprised to notice how straightforward the packaging is on the inside. I would like to use the term ‘cheap’ and not really well-thought of, not because the materials are of low end, but because there’s not even a rust of creativity on the product’s presentation when taken out of the box. Though I am glad the box comes with five pairs of ‘patented oval-shaped’ earbuds, I wish these little ones would have been organized, not simply slipped in a resealable plastic.

The package also comes with a small carrying purse, an airplane adapter, a shirt clip, and of course the unit itself. The purse itself looked like any typical coin purse that you can buy less than the price of a cup of coffee, and the size speaks the same; the only difference is that there’s a mushy texture on the inside to assure at least an amount of protection, and the seemingly synthetic leather material is black on all sides with a zipper on it. Next in line, the airplane adapter is simply an airplane adapter, but what I think I missed is a 6.3mm adapter to make the X7i more amiable to other purposes. With the unit itself, the Klipsch Image X7i has a nicely done cable that extends to a little too far, I think.

The cable itself is said to be tangle-resistant, but this does not certainly implicate a more organized earphone experience. Having the said cable that stretches longer than usual, I had the unexpected occasions of having an earpiece fall off even when cooking. The in-line cable is comparative at least, and with the advertised 360-degree microphone, at least I had fun—and confidence—to use it hands-free. Actually, I didn’t try it on an iOS device but rather on an Android one, though I am not promising that this will always be for every other device out there. At least so far there were no problems with the inline remote control that shows off the same glossy finish as the ceramic material on each earbud.

The earbuds, at last, are sleek, tiny, and highly appealing. Available in two model colors namely black and white, both colors mimic the gloss of a pearl earring. There’s no question as to how durable the said choice of material is, and in fact, I would like to give a thumbs up on that. The said material, however, does not really qualify to making the X7i sound a lot better that those of the same class. Moreover, based on my long experience with in-ear earphones, most phones have problem not on the choice of material even if it was plastic, but rather on how they are carefully and intelligently built. This, then, is my biggest problem with the X7i: microphonics is one concern that you should be attentive in this particular model from Klipsch.

Lastly, with the Klipsch Image X7i’s Full Range KG 623X7 driver, there’s no question about the almost-perfectly-the-same Klipsch sound quality signature. Frequencies are well spaced and there’s but a higher mark of balance in here. The lows especially the bass are just on the appealing level, which means it is not really intrusive thus the pressure to the head. The highs are at least noticeable, but not that clear or clean enough at least to my taste. With relatively proper impedance at 50Ohms, the X7i is at least well in reproducing signals without distortion. The only real problem, again, is the phonics that you’d really get annoyed of.

The Klipsch Image X7i delivers acceptable sound with the convenience of a reliable choice of material plus an in-line remote control. Being not the flagship of the company, it is still hard for me to chew it being with flaws, regardless the two-year warranty it has. If you don’t really care about the remote control and you want more sound quality without the phonics, Klipsch offers the best ‘others’ like the S4i.

Klipsch Image X7i In-Ear Headphones Price in the Philippines: Approximately Php 6,500.00

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