Alcatel One Touch Scribe HD Android Smartphone

For so long since we witnessed the exceptional stylus offered by Samsung in its line of devices, we have not yet encountered any other competitors who offer almost the same tech with such capabilities and responsiveness, not to mention the style as well. We also witnessed that while we cannot get the same stylus once used on resistive displays to be used on the capacitive ones, we are at least offered of a matching kind of stylus that does not cost much. Today, Alcatel takes the bait of giving users a phablet with an included stylus in the package. The new model, which is priced around $300 is the One Touch Scribe HD.

Actually, the model is very recently released together with a $200-equivalent of the model, though of course at a cheaper set of specs and features (the Scribe Easy). Coming in different ‘flash’ colors of white, black, red, and yellow, the Scribe HD does not offer that much youthful colors but it does not mean it lacks as well. For the price, we still get a very plasticky body that does not really gloss under hard light, but there are some design specifics worth noting. Included in the latter is a very protruding main camera at the back that you would really want to take good care of, a bevelled ‘second-level’ edge, and a display surface that feels very metallic in smoothness.

The Alcatel One Touch Scribe HD comes in a 5-inch display, and thankfully, the resolution is very sweet enough at 720x1280p at 294pixels per inch. Better than this, the display also comes with the IPS technology for an all-around viewing angle, and you would even love to enjoy adventuring with the bigger display because of the included stylus (we’ll talk about later). What makes the display a little more unique together with the model itself is the employment of the Dragon Trail Glass—a born-in-2011 competitor to Corning’s Gorilla Glass—which is very scratch-resistant, yet is not excused to oil and fingerprints. The latter innovation also takes pride in being lightweight, making the overall weight terminate at 135grams, which is impressive.

The Alcatel One Touch Scribe HD is also very thin as well, though it does not compete to some other Alcatel models that have 6.5 mm depth. It measures 144x75x8.5mm, which is thin enough for everyone to enjoy—except that you would surely want to buy the ironic concept of a protective leather case because of the protruding camera and a tamper-resistant display. Talking about the camera, the Scribe HD comes with an 8MP camera with AF and LED Flash plus a 1.3MP front-facing camera. The main camera does fine with reproducing lots of beautiful colors, but fails in performing properly under low light and cannot get that much sharp result.

The stylus is fortunately included in the package, and thankfully, the pen does look premium with a metallic feel plus a ‘one touch’ brand on it. The stylus has the same big-ball-point black tip much like the other capacitive styli out there, and this is a bit frustrating to be used for detailed scribbling and sketching because it does not have a pointed tip to direct details into. Nevertheless, the stylus feels comfortable and cool enough for everyone to use not only on this phone but for every other devices with capacitive displays.

The Alcatel One Touch Scribe HD is also among the first few smartphones that offer a quad-core 1.2GHz processor with an MTK 6589 chipset. The device runs on the latest Jelly Bean version (though some still offer a 4.1 version so you better check this out), and is backed with a decent set of specs outside the processor. Included in the list is 1GB of RAM, an unfortunate 4GB of internal storage, support for up to 32GB of external storage card, a 2500mAh battery that is good for a little more than a day, 3G capabilities that is confusingly said to deliver 4G HSDPA speeds of up to 42Mbps.

The Alcatel One Touch Scribe HD is in a lot of ways a good successor to the Idol of the same company, yet it technically is not a real successor. Having its own stylus to its big display is a sure scoring factor to the market, yet uncovering the real efficiency of the material is still to be scrutinized by the customer himself. How well do you really expect, anyway, for a price as mentioned above?

Alcatel One Touch Scribe HD Android Smartphone Price in the Philippines: Approximately Php 13,000.00

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