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The late Q10 and Z10 of BlackBerry can somewhat be summarized as pure effort to bring BB phones to the mass, but efforts seem to lack in some kind of ‘luster,’ whichever form it might take. Probably one big factor to this stunted growth and sale explosion is the big price thinking that the brand is largely known only as a business-ended concept rather than for the general public comprised of different age groups and interests. However, just lately, BlackBerry must have learned to tone down a little bit by offering the new Q5 which, as I would stay, should stand as a mediator to today’s trends. Let’s try to find out more how.

Though available in red, pink, black, and white, the BlackBerry Q5 can be ugly-looking: not that it is ugly in the real sense, but honestly, I find no attractive points to the Q5’s design. We are familiar with the combination of a QWERTY keyboard topped with a touch display, but should things get rough when we cut down budget?

More to the justification of its slightly affordable price is the preference to plastic as the main material for the handsets. The Q5 really felt cheap, and the plastic quality is not up to par when compared to the other smartphones in its price class. And since this is a downgrade, so to say, the BlackBerry Q5 lost some of the good features found on the Q10: from the choice of an AMOLED display to a typical LCD, internal storage of 16GB now shrunk to 8GB, a slight decrease to the dual-core’s clock speed from 1.5GHz to 1.2GHz, the good 8MP camera now 5MP, and is a lot lighter because of the said material being used.

However, the BlackBerry Q5 on the other hand does not disappoint as it still stands with a square, 3.1-inch display with 720×720 resolution. Also, some of the features and specs retained include the RAM, which is 2GB, the retention of the same BB OS version, which is 10.1, and the support for 4G connectivity. However, in terms to upgrading, it can still be disappointing to learn there’s no mini-HDMI port (or maybe, Blackberry isn’t really used to putting this on their models). Nevertheless, the retention of the latest OS of Blackberry should really do well with those who want to enjoy the system without paying much price.

I also have problems with the keyboard. While the Q10 sported a nice clean layout with well-distanced frets, the BlackBerry Q5 used a poorly fashioned QWERTY trend. Keys are also shallower than expected, and the tactility can be a folly to some like me. However, at least there’s the touch display, so navigating along can still be ‘saved.’ Lastly, the BlackBerry Q5 comes with a non-removable 2,180 mAh battery, which is said to be the first for the company (in terms to capacity). I still wish, though, that the battery would still be removable or replaceable.

The only last thing interesting about the BlackBerry Q5 is its price. As I said, the Q5 can look more like a middle point to this ever-changing demand for the good BB 10.1 OS, but the main flaws are all caught up on the build quality. Should you buy this new BlackBerry device? It’s up to you, yet I cannot recommend still.

BlackBerry Q5 Smartphone Price in the Philippines: Approximately Php 20,000.00

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