Bose SoundLink Mini Bluetooth Wireless Speaker

Thanks to Bose’s last Bluetooth entry speaker in the name of SoundLink II, we now finally arrive to a new generation of portable speakers from the same company to battle out the Jambox of Jawbone and many other competitors. Introducing the new ultra-portable speaker of Bose in the name of SoundLink Mini, listening from a tinny hardware should not really sound tinny and tiny at all. However, the price of $200 would still be highly arguable considering the competition out there, not to mention how accessories would race up to the price as well. Let’s try to find out more.

The Bose SoundLink Mini series is a highly portable one compared to the ones they produced before this model. At a weight of only 1.5 lbs, you’d sure love to bring this along with you every time. The measurement of 2×7.1×2.3inches means that this could really rest on your palm as well, and if you are worrying about durability and being worry-free, the Mini comes in a sleek aluminum body with metal grilles on opposing surfaces, plus a sufficient rubber padding on the bottom to support the featherweight device.

The Bose SoundLink Mini is really an eye-catcher especially when you compared it to the ugly ducklings from the competition. The design is relatively light and simply, but not too minimal to belong to this minimalistic generation for aesthetics. There’s that Bose logo tinted on the front grille, and along the top, the main speaker-relative controls are found. Two buttons rise above the rest for volume controls, and on the left of these two comes the power and the mute button; to the right comes the button for Bluetooth pairing and for switching to auxiliary connections. Buttons have their own LED indicators, and for pairing, blinking means it is actually searching for connections.

You have to be guarded though as you might think this Mini would work on all possible wireless platforms. The Bose SoundLink Mini only works with Bluetooth unless you want to go wired using a 3.5mm-cabled audio player plugged to the right side of the speaker. Thankfully, that Bluetooth capability has harnessed the ability to remember up to six most recent devices, so connecting your device next time won’t be that much of a hassle anymore. Together with the audio-in port comes the power port for charging (approximately 3 hours), and beneath the device are connectors for the charging cradle plus a USB port good only for firmware updates.

Since I mentioned about the cradle, yes, the Bose SoundLink Mini comes with a lot of relatively expensive accessories. The cradle, contrary to what a lot would expect, comes optional, though I’d say it should be included in the premium package. The cradle works by letting this device ‘sit’ on it for charging without the usual tangling wires while you enjoy the playback at home. Other than this, there comes the ‘sleeves’ that costs $25 each. Available in pure faint orange color, transparent body with green borders, and transparent body with blue borders, these sleeves should really add an amount of protection aside from fanciness. Lastly, there’s the carrying bag that costs $45.

The Bose SoundLink Mini boasts of a next-generation technology as being a portable yet super-compact speaker. Inside comes two high-efficiency transducers that are said to grasp more air for more powerful sound, plus dual opposing radiators for deeper lows without the shake. The Bose SoundLink Mini really sounded nice and powerful—way a lot better than the usual plastic counterparts, but while the mids and the highs excel, I’d say it needs to get better tuning in the bass and in setting balance especially with vocals.

Overall, the seemingly pricey Bose SoundLink Mini is a good candidate for the looks, for the sound quality, and for being superbly lightweight and minimal. However, deciding for it would be hard thinking that some bigger but better-sounding competitors will cost much less without the bunch of pricey accessories.

Bose SoundLink Mini Bluetooth Wireless Speaker Price in the Philippines: Approximately Php 9,000.00

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