Canon PIXMA MX925 All-in-One Printer

What matters more to home office business printers when you cannot have them all: speed, features, quality, or threshold? While many printers out there were not only designed to be ‘modernly’ featured but also producing good outputs, our new printer on our desk today aims at something different: threshold. Introducing the new AIO of Canon from the PIXMA series, the MX925 is one big capable monster that has all of the said factors, but gives more emphasis on the threshold side. We’d love to learn more as to how functional this printer is for its relatively cheap price of no more than $200.

It is almost justifiable that an AIO printer comes in a relatively large box, and like all PIXMA printers of Canon, the MX925 is not an exception to the series’ ‘black box’ design. Bodied in the same glossy plastic shell, it measures 491x396x231mm, which is tantamount to its weight of 11.7kgs. The Canon PIXMA MX925 obviously has a larger footprint than expected, making it demand a bigger, steadier desk to play its role on. Nevertheless, the same mammal can do you a lot of things as being an AIO: fax, copying, scanning, printing, and some more like printing directly to discs and an ADF (automatic document feeder).

Being good with ‘threshold,’ the Canon PIXMA MX925 is spoiled to have a 250-sheet paper tray aside from a 20-sheet photo paper cassette right above it. The disc tray is hidden beneath the latter, and honestly, all the input trays are pretty hard to access (you need to pull up the output tray first before accessing these doors). I have not mentioned yet how I don’t like the trays’ design; being ‘skeletal’ in look makes the printer look cheap, actually. Nevertheless, adding to the threshold is the said ADF area, which can should up to 35 sheets of paper with auto-duplexing feature as well.

To make this PIXMA model more monstrous compared to other AIOs, the MX925 has five distinct ink cartridges, all of which can be opted for an XL size; monos can be opted for XXL which is said to be good for 1000 pages. All of these sound good already, but I am not really fantasizing the printer’s speed actually: the company claims a 15ppm speed, but as on my tests, the printer actually did no more than 12 pages. Anyhow, I still perceive the printer’s performance to be parallel to that of a laser printer, and gladly, there’s no compromise to quality as well.

As for print quality, I am pleased with how Canon maintained that PIXMA ‘feel’ to the outputs, particularly because of the rich black texts it produces. Colors were a bit ‘dry’ to my taste, but this may be due to the paper type I used wherein I find the ink to be over-embedding itself. The resolution is also sweet to the eyes, with hardly any dithering in any way regardless if it be mono or colored. Gradients were also intelligently done, though the outputs especially with photos can hardly be a replacement to those born out of studios. All in all, the MX925 does a good job by providing a bigger tummy without compromise to quality, though speed-wise you can actually ask for more.

Other specs you’d love to learn on this new AIO of Canon are: 9600x2400dpi print resolution, wireless printing via Wi-Fi, CloudPrint, or AirPrint, optional Bluetooth feature, direct USB printing support, 2400x4800dpi scanbed resolution at up to LTR size papers, and support for PictBridge (Canon’s support for printing from Canon cameras). The Canon PIXMA MX925 also comes with a set of software for assisting and improving printing experience such as My Image Garden.

Canon PIXMA MX925 All-in-One Printer Price in the Philippines: Approximately Php 9,000.00

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