Nokia Lumia 925 Windows 8 Smartphone

We’ve known the Lumia 920 of Nokia to be Windows 8 phones’ flagship model. The device was almost said to be perfect in its time, and the goodies the model promises are but enough to make it sell on its own even without reference to Android competitors. However, Nokia is obviously not yet ‘done’ with the innovation, and just lately, we’ve heard about the 928 of the same series. The 928 was actually a bit exclusive that it is only available for a contract, and Nokia must have heard about this ailment. Thankfully, the company is offering us the new 925, which is said and should stand a lot better to these two predecessors.

Technically, the 928 is not a predecessor to the Nokia Lumia 925, but instead, the latter is that which Nokia makes available to many with or without a contract. There’s hardly a price yet, but if we assume that this new model will instead get a higher price rather than the contrary, I think the 925 really deserved it. There’ve been a lot of improvements to this new 925 of Nokia when compared to its 920 predecessor, and the list can get very long. Firstly, the biggest upgrade (or downgrade) probably in this model is the inclusion of a metal frame that rings around the edges of the model. However, utilizing the said material has its own drawback: there’s not any neon or saturated Lumia colors anymore; the 925 is available in grey, white, and black only.

The body, though almost similarly sized to its predecessor, also gets a few noticeable upgrades. Primarily, there’s the removal of an air gap, and the result is fantastic: a stunning 8.5mm depth, which is 2.2mm thinner than that of the predecessor. The Nokia Lumia 925 is also lighter 139 grams. A lot have claimed that the factor to this ‘weight loss’ is due to the metal frame, but the real thing is that, the 925 of Nokia now introduces the well-reputed AMOLED display technology which is not only lighter and more efficient, but is more superb in reproduction of colors and contrast when compared to the usual LCD screens.

The said display, which measures 4.5 inches has a resolution of 1280×768, and is covered with the tough Gorilla Glass 2 for protection from scratches and even some filths. However, the story on the display does not stop there. The 600-nit brightness it offers can be considered as the brightest display in its class, and better than this, almost all features and configurations of this display (such as color saturation and under-direct-sunlight viewing) can now be tweaked by the user himself. Lastly, we’ve known the 920 of Nokia to be friendly already with a very sensitive touch technology, and the company enhanced such sensitivity even further in this new model.

Empowering the good display is the same 8.7MP camera. For me, most of the main features of the 925 of Nokia are circled around the camera, yet I can’t even stop thinking why Nokia still doesn’t improve the pixel count as they have already done before. Nevertheless, the optics in the camera is said to be improved especially in shooting under low light, but the improvements can far be maximized on the new Smart Camera feature in this new Nokia model. The Smart Camera packs some good features like taking action shots, automatic frame selections, removal of unwanted objects from images, and even more. Lastly, the usual ISO 800 is not extended also at up to ISO 3200.

Other things you’d love to learn about the Nokia Lumia 925 include the dual-core 1.5GHz processor, support for NFC and wireless charging (via accessory cover), support for dual-band Wi-Fi and 4G, 2000mAh battery capacity, 1GB of RAM, 16GB of internal storage, and the free 7GB cloud storage. The 925 of Nokia is really a good attempt to make the Lumia series more profitable, and since the price is still to be declared soon, we’d love to see users take advantage of these new monochrome Lumia models.

Nokia Lumia 925 Windows 8 Smartphone Price in the Philippines: Approximately Php 23,000.00

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