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We’ve known the kings and queens of smartphones today, and the list includes the Xperia Z of Sony. The Z is indeed a marvel that have conquered a great range of smartphones nearby, though being a competitor to the iPhone 5 and HTC One is also noticeable. However, the Z of Sony has a big problem: it has a big price as well. So, for those of you who are willing to spend big money but not that big that you can buy the Z, you better check out on what Sony has for you as another offer: the Xperia SP.

The SP in its price is no joke for an Xperia model of Sony. At around $530 more or less, the SP is at least cheaper enough but not totally budget-friendly. However, the goodies and features in this smartphone can be reasonable enough yet may also be subjective for your taste and preferences. The SP does not come with a weather-sealed body as the Z so you cannot dunk it on your milk without worries. However, the SP still has a lot of things to talk about outside the missing HDMI port.

According to Sony’s website, the Xperia SP in its design has three main features: a transparent antenna, an aluminum power button (should that be amazing?), and a ‘co-moulded’ aluminum frame. On the first end, the SP again packs a gimmicky feel to the overall design of this Xperia. Not only is this antenna transparent (but not really crystal-clear for you to really see through), but also there are also some LED lights hidden for dancing notification lights that you can configure. The light effects may not be your taste, but at least it adds to the most common ways of notifying you aside from the usual ring or vibrate methods. The colors can also be tweaked based on your preferences.

There’s nothing much to talk about the aluminum power button, but I think we’d seen it on the Z of Sony in its premium build. However, the co-molded aluminum frame sits on top of the build features, though for me, it is not something too ‘alarming’ to get news about. The thing is, the aluminum frame actually feels like a strong plastic tainted with silver, but at least there’s the aluminum thing. Outside these metal edges, the rest are overwhelmed with plastic materials. The feel is not really cheap though, but I would still ask for a unibody design much like that of the iPhone 5.

Measuring 5.14×2.64×0.39inches, the Sony Xperia SP is also not the lightest and the most attractive in its class (or are you attracted to those blinking lights as you play your music along?). The SP can also be relatively heavy at 155grams, and I find no good reasons to justify such a weight. Available in red, black, and white, the SP is nevertheless good enough, but too far to be compared to the big Z brother. However, on the performance level, the SP can also be competitive enough. With a dual-core Snapdragon processor, a gig of RAM, 8GB of internal storage, and 4G and NFC capabilities, the SP is already sweet enough for everyday usage.

Like the late Xperia models, the SP also comes with Sony’s Bravia Engine technology to improve its display, and luckily, the feature does not disappoint. As for me, I actually prefer this handset’s display to that of Samsung Galaxy S4 because the 4.6-inch display here does a way better in preserving natural colors. With a resolution of 720×1280 and a pixel density of 319, the SP may sound like it’s way too far when compared to the Z. However, be clarified though as you can only see the real difference when you put both displays under a microscope.

Outside these, the Sony Xperia SP comes with an Android 4.1 Jelly Bean to play along with the model. The Android here is actually customized, but the modifications are proper enough that it does not really detract Android lovers away. Like most Sony smartphones, the SP also opens the Sony Entertainment gates to its potential users, though I’d still prefer going to the Play Store of Google. The SP of Sony’s Xperia series is a well-built model in its own, and with a lower price without totally compromising specs; the SP should be another item you want to check on.

Sony Xperia SP Android Smartphone Price in the Philippines: Approximately Php 22,000.00

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