AKG K391 NC Noise Cancelling Headphones

We’ve seen a lot of noise-cancelling headphones these days, and the numbers kept uprising even if we don’t really ask that much. But careful, though, I only said the word ‘headphones’ instead of ‘earphones.’ Taking this into account, you might start counting on your fingers already how many in-ear earphones are there that offer noise-cancelling feature—the active one? A few. Counting among the few is today’s offering from AKG: the K391 Active NC (noise-cancelling) in-ear earphones.

Priced relatively average for the group of premium brands and wears, the $200- AKG K391 NC is a good-looking piece of art with no ornaments at all. Available in but a single metallic style and black cables, it looked very clean, easy, and tempting enough for everyone to pay a try on their own ears. Being in-ear, one pretty interesting yet unusual feature of the buds is that they are slightly angled to fit better to your canals. This, then, should also mean that you should carefully check which bud is for the left and which is for the right ear. Topping up the opposite side of the buds are finely etched AKG branding that are very solid in look and feel.

From the buds down to the center of the model (yes, there’s the center—a battery and electronic compartment for the noise-cancelling feature) comes a different approach also to lining up cables. The Y-anchor sits a bit upper from the center, giving room to the in-line remote control designed for taking calls and controlling music playback. The control, along with the other parts of the AKG K391 NC, misses one thing: volume controls good also for forwarding or rewinding audio tracks.

Moving forward, there’s the rectangular-shaped ‘heart’ housing the switch for the active NC and for storing the claimed 40-hour battery life. The battery charges via a microUSB port, surfaced together with the 3.5mm audio port for plugging in your playback device. It’s pretty incredible that AKG did the electronic housing small enough for easy carrying, but without a clip-on kind of thing, this little thing will surely dance along with your shirt buttons. Other items included in the package are extra buds of several sizes, an extra 3.5mm cable, a relatively cheap carrying pouch, an airline adapter, and some noisy documentation.

The active noise cancelling feature in this AKG K391 NC is pretty impressive in a lot of ways, but still not making it the best in its deal. First, there’s the said battery, which is a whole way lot better than using AAA batteries; charging via USB cable is also a convenience. Then there comes the active noise-cancelling feature that really mutes the ambient noise, though a little electronic hiss may be in effect unless you put on a relatively loud music. You can also play music without the NC turned on, making this a very friendly device to bring along. Then lastly, the earbuds do already have its own way of passively cancelling ambient noise.

Sound quality or characteristics pave more way to the bass, though it is not overwhelming or too ‘big’ that it sums up other frequencies. Drum kicks are more pronounced than expected, though this modification doesn’t really tamper the rest of the channels as well. I would still not recommend the AKG K391 NC for purists because of the slight electronic modifications, but with the music that you’ll play, you’d still surely enjoy the superb audio quality and clarity. Interestingly also, music plays better with the noise-cancelling feature on—at least on my taste.

The AKG K391 NC is a very unique and appealing design especially for those who have ambient noise and at the same time big ear cups to coat their heads. Though the audio quality is not for purists, the 40-hour battery life should really extend you a little more dimensions to your daily music listening experience wherever you are.

AKG K391 NC Noise Cancelling Headphones Price in the Philippines: Approximately Php 9,000.00

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