ASUS Transformer Book Convertible Ultrabook

There’s no doubt the Zenbook Prime of Asus is stellar in build quality and aesthetics, and there’s no question how it gets the most spotlighting ever. If you’re familiar with this monster from Asus, you better get to know that the same company now offers a modified version of it by mixing it with a taste of the Transformer; let me introduce to you the $1,499-piece named Transformer book. Technically named as the TX300, the Book should really suffice those who are hunger for a taste of Zen and are insatiable of the power of a Transformer.

The said price of the Book of Asus is no joke, and thankfully, the model speaks of itself to justify such a cost. The build quality is by a real lot of ways picturesque and representative of Asus as its ‘god creator,’ but there are some angles I must admit are Apple-ish as well. But these things must not distract us for where we should be today. The ASUS Transformer Book is still covered in a clearly patterned and harnessed aluminum material especially on the back of the lid, and the thick bezels around the display are up for you to judge.

Being a Transformer, it would not surely surprise you if I’d say this 13-incher ultrabook can get decapitated, i.e, a display that’s removable and, voila, you have a tablet—a big tablet! But being conjoined as an offer, the Book of Asus is thick, actually, measuring almost an inch in depth, which is thicker than the competitors from Dell and Lenovo. If you are counting the weight, you better sit back also since the Book is heavy as being a ‘book.’ The package weighs around 4.2lbs. But let me get this straight ahead, be not afraid at once because a little sooner you’d learn why there’s a hefty bulk to be carried.

Housed on the Book are a series of essential ports, which are ample according to my taste, yet the lack of the full-sized HDMI port may mean a lot to the media-ists. Included in the I/Os and hardware around the ultrabook are two USB 3.0 ports (some versions confused me a lot by showing only the 2.0 versions of the port), a full-sized Ethernet port with a ‘flap,’ a display port, a combo audio port, an over-exposed card slot, two separate Bang & Olufsen-enhanced speaker grilles, a 5MP 1080p main camera plus a front-facing 2MP camera, the magnetic power connectors which take the place of the usual plug-and-charge needle, and of course, the docking ports. And yes, before I forget, there is the volume rocker of course, and an ultrabook-like power button that you don’t need to tap and hold to register.

The ASUS Transformer Book expectedly has a very lively display that features a 1080p resolution. With the IPS technology on it, the viewing angles are superb to be truly enjoyed horizontally, but on the vertical axis, there are some washing out of colors. Nevertheless, the display really looked good for a 13.3-inch diagonal measure, and adding to this loveliness is the 350-nit ultrabook-like display brightness. An ambient light sensing is also available for toggle via pressing together the Fn and A key. The keyboard is also well sized, and the travel seemed to have been improved, making typos the least to happen in this case. The clickpad is also big enough, though I’d ask for a more tactile feedback than being little too deep. Thankfully also, the rest area for the wrist is commendable enough without accumulating heat over time.

The ASUS Transformer Book runs in configurations of an i5 or i7 processor, though its release date is quite frustrating since the first time it appeared on the press which is last year; people are now expecting to see devices with the new Haswell on board. Outside this, there’s an Intel HD 4000 for supporting graphics, 128GB of SSD for the tablet, additional 500GB HDD on the station (hence the weight, plus the extra battery also), an unfortunate 4GB of RAM, and a good total battery life of up to 7hours.

The ASUS Transformer Book is a remarkable idea only if it is released last year because there’s not any big excitement already after a tardy appearance. The looks and the idea behind the Book have also been predictable for a while, but at least, it does not lose functionality and fashionability. All in all, the ASUS Transformer Book should really do well for those who are going for the extra solutions, and thanks for the extra battery life, going around the city and going back to the office can be more than productive.

ASUS Transformer Book Convertible Ultrabook Price in the Philippines: Approximately Php 67,000.00

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