Asus Zenbook Infinity Windows 8 Ultrabook

Just like what was heard and promised, Asus finally gave us a few short glimpses on the new Zenbook it has recently. Named ‘Infinity,’ this new Asus model promises a lot of big things for users who have always admired the series. The Infinity was revealed in full shape at Computex, and the results are fantastic to different viewers from different people of different nationalities. Let’s see what this Infinity is really infinite about.

On the design perspective, I’d say Asus really has a good taste to design and p5erspective. Boasted in this new Zenbook of Asus is the full use of the latest Gorilla Glass 3, not only on the display to where it is often used and identified, but to the lid and even to the keyboard deck. On the lid, the glass is actually very sleek without compromising thickness, and Asus must have intentionally left the glass to reflect light much like a direct mirror. There’s that familiar spun metal design beneath the glass skin of the lid, and this texture reflects the light by creating the illusion of dispersing streaks of light from the center outwards. The only problem with the lid is that it is too sensitive to smudges and prints, making you need to really wipe it time after time if the look is what’s vital to this lid.

As mentioned also, the same glass material is used for the keyboard deck especially to the wrist rest. If you’d ask me, I would rather use this finish here for the lid because of the fine matte texture rather than a fingerprint-sticky one on the lid. Nevertheless, the texture on this rest area is silky and classy enough for natural comfort, and I think it can handle heat a little as well. The keys on the keyboard is the same backlit-style one found on most Zenbook models, so there’s not much difference. Then there’s the tick-pad that is widely space and is smooth.

Outside these come the ports around the device, which on my perspective are not yet enough for an ultrabook. There are only two USB 3.0 ports—one on each side, and there’s the combo audio port, a mini-display port, and a mini-HDMI port. There’s not an RJ-45 port here, so you better get prepared to use a dongle that will cost the space of one of your USB ports, for sure. Nevertheless, all of these are backed with the intense beauty of the Infinity from the top down. Oh, before I forget, I would like to mention that though there’s not enough details about the model to talk about, it has been said that the Infinity only measures less than 2cm at its thickest point, and the device as a whole is tested rigorously in the labs for drops and damages.

Adding more to this strength-y ultrabook—I mean, Zenbook, the display is also said to cater to the latest Windows 8 almost perfectly. It has been rumored that the Infinity may now come with a Retina display, i.e., a good display with a native resolution of 2560×1440, and is fully touch-enabled for swiping the tiles on the Metro UI of the said Windows. More to being onward with the progress in technology, the Infinity also comes with a dual-core Intel Haswell i7 processor for that zippy performance as expected. Other specs have not yet been on the paper yet, but we are very sure that this will surely come in a price you would not love to hear.

Asus Zenbook Infinity Windows 8 Ultrabook Price in the Philippines: Approximately Php 100,000.00

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