LG 55LA8600 55-inch LED 3D HDTV

We are all excited to see what LG has to offer once again for its new line of Smart 3D TVs this. If you have forgotten last year’s flagship in the name of LM9600, no worries; the new 55LA8600 covers its own story to tell. The 55LA8600 is LG’s top-of-the-line, fully feature-rich smart TV of this year, and really, it features a lot of things from a better looking display, the switch to edge-lit light system rather than backlighting, and a lot more. However, with an SRP of $2,699 but can be bought now for as low as $1,670, should you still consider this on your tabletop?

I only had a short amount of time with this 55LA8600 of LG, so I can only give you a quick glimpse and first impressions. Coming in two sizes from 55-inches to 60-inches diagonally, the 55LA8600 is the 55-inch version (actually, it’s 54.6 inches) that weighs no more than 58lbs. for its table set with a stand—pretty light for a 55-incher TV of today. The TV itself measures 48.35×27.87×1.34 inches, but what truly stands out is the 1cm bezel that you can only notice when the TV is turned on. The display is truly dim and black when off, but you can still see a lot of reflections and glares.

The display with a resolution of 1920x1080p features LED technology that is 3D ready as expected, and comes with LG’s very own Cinema 3D feature (and yes, there comes some pairs of 3D glasses in the box). Moreover, the 240Hz TruMotion feature is sweet enough even for high-fidelity and fast-moving movie objects, though I cannot still say it’s already perfected in this model because of some artefacts. Inside comes with seven picture modes from standard, vivid, eco, cinema, game, and more, plus six aspect ratio modes from 16:9, original, 4:3, etc.

Being feature-rich, the LG 55LA8600 is really not short with the goodies that should really attract buyers. It is among the first sets that offer finger gestures—an improvement over the usual gesture control and using the Magic remote control. With the finger gestures and with the manually toggled (retractable) 3D camera, you can make your hand and finger actions use as a pointer with the power of ‘clicking’ on buttons or items. The same feature works with the Magic Remote wherein you can also drag items, group channels and subscriptions, and even scribble on the screen like writing channel values for the Smart TV to read.

Other than these, you get an improved user interface or dashboard, link for App Store and LG Cloud, full-fledged web browser, Smart Share Plus, Smart Phone Remote support, and even Skype for big-screen live calls via Internet. Inside also comes a dual-core processor, support for Wi-Fi and WiDi (Wireless Display), Wi-Fi Direct, NFC, DLNA, MHL, SIMPLINK, and other inputs and outputs like three USB ports. A built-in subwoofer is also placed at the left off-center of the back surface of the TV, and with two 12-watt drivers, you can surely enjoy a good amount of sound already. Other inputs or outputs include an antenna input, AV In, component video input, 4 HDMIs, optical I/Os, and even LAN for connecting on the Internet the wired way.

Picture quality is so far fine enough for an LED TV, though you can easily tweak the picture settings without getting into complex on-screen controls. Viewing angle is superb enough, though your enemy here is the glare that happens every time on my end. The contrast ratio is good enough, and when I tested the 3D feature, it’s the same dim quality, but picture is smooth and silky in different dimensions. I would love to spend more time with the LG 55LA8600 as this gives me a pretty good impression.

At the said price, the LG 55LA8600 is still a pricey one for all the features it promises, but it is forgivable because it is just in its fresh offering.

LG 55LA8600 55-inch LED 3D HDTV Price in the Philippines: Approximately Php 90,000.00

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