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Windows 7 or Windows 8? I think it is more of a question of whether you want a touch interface or not. Practically speaking, the latter OS is pretty much alike to its predecessor except for the Metro UI, which really demands a touch panel to work with. Nonetheless, the question is more a matter of opinion to different individuals, and this is being responded by Samsung when they released another ‘Ultra’ series, the Series 5. Catering both Windows platforms, highly flexible with configurations thus the price, should this new Series be a top choice among all the ultrabooks we’d known?

Versatility is what I got impressed to this Samsung Series 5 Ultra. It’s not really the device though, but it’s the configuration that I would like to emphasize. The Series 5 can be bought for as low as around $650, but can get as high as $1,400, and that will depend on what size the unit will have and what will be the specs that’s right for you. The Series 5 starts with a 2nd-generation Intel processor down from i3, up to a 3rd-generation Intel Core i7 processor with Ivy Bridge and TurboBoost. More than this, the Series 5 starts with 4GB of RAM, a 24GB ExpressCache SSD, and a storage that can go up to 1TB. GPUs can be opted only from the Intel’s 3000 or 4000 models, and lastly, 14-inchers of the Series 5 is with a DVD optical drive.

Having those specs, you’d expect the price, together with the resulting performance, will likely depend on how you ‘set-up’ your Series 5 piece. However, all models come with the same stylish look. The material is generally brushed aluminum, though in the stricter sense, it’s not really, and the said material is only used as a design accessory. The Series 5 is a bit disappointing because for its price it only gets a plastic base which we should not expect for its class, and the feel is also ‘cheap’ making you sense this Series 5 is nothing more like the average notebook.

Indeed, the Samsung Series 5 Ultra looked classy still with all that simplicity provoking a MacBook Air thought. Obviously Samsung does not want to rival with the said competitor with this Series 5, but this should at least please those who are fans of both companies. I love the display panel (some models have touch panels for Windows 8) especially when it is framed with a relatively narrow bezel, but all models come with only a native resolution of 1366×768. The display is relatively brighter than the average ultrabook, but it is still not working hard under direct sunlight, not to mention that there’s no in-plane switching for that smoother angled viewing.

Up the display we have a 1.3MP webcam that is at least acceptably good for fluorescent lighting, and below the display we have the speaker grille that is well tuned for that above-average audio level. I was actually expecting some special (3rd party) audio enhancements for the price to be validly reasonable, but unfortunately the Series 5 does not really have one. Nevertheless, the audio quality is well and fine enough, though expectedly; having an external woofer and amplifier would do a lot better.

The Samsung Series 5 Ultra has a good keyboard deck, which I think is also founded in a plastic material; I wish I am wrong with this. The island-type keys are well-spaced and look promising, however, upon my first test, I felt foreign on it because of the unusual stiffness on each press; it is not that stiff actually, but maybe because there’s an unseen friction in between spaces. I love the thought of separating the arrow keys a bit, but unfortunately, at least for my test model there’s not a backlighting. Moreover, the touchpad, unlike the latest ultrabooks, have discrete physical buttons that responded well. The touchpad is ample in space and is quite responsive—more responsive than I expected. Palm rejection was a first issue but this could be tweaked a bit using the inherent software.

The Samsung Series 5 Ultra is a very remarkable piece for both operating systems, though I hardly find something new on this one. I’ve seen models with almost the same shine of elegance especially on the lid, but what I love about the Series 5 is its being complete with ports, especially with the ODD coming with the 14-inchers. For its price, the Series 5 is indeed something one would surely buy with all the configurations they can possibly ask.

Samsung Series 5 Ultra Laptop Computer Price in the Philippines: Approximately Php 39,000.00

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