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One thing so great about Apple is that, the company is a shaker-and-mover. They start out things, which are guaranteed to be lovable by people, and even handing them the real devices for them to madly fall in love with. This is again proven with the new 5th-generation iPad coined with the name ‘Air.’ The iPad Air is a new release from the series of iPad devices, and though it possesses the same iPad feel, the Air is realized in its thinner and lighter body. The price is still hefty yet, but should we really switch to it already?

Sporting the same unibody aluminum body, the iPad Air is available in two fashions (more than simply colors, so to say): a Space Gray, and Silver. Moreover, more with the versions for you to choose from, we also have the iPad Air in different storage capacity configurations from 16GB to a whopping (and very rare) 128GB, each with price separation of $100 in between. The iPad Air, as said, is expensive that it has a price start of $499, and the price can go up as you can imagine. Lastly, there’re also Wi-Fi and Cellular versions of the iPad Air, and all you have to do is to add $130 to the version you have already chosen.

Sporting the same 9.7-inch display, the tablet is now also boasting of a relatively thinner or narrower bezel, thus making the Retina display float more than anything else from the device. Outside the display, there’s still the same Home button. There’re the volume controls and the screen orientation lock on the right edge, followed by the power button on the top edge wherein the 3.5mm headphone port is also found. A dual-array microphone is also sitting on the top edge, wherein the opposite end sports the two stereo speakers and a Lightning connector. We’d wish the stereo speakers could finally come to both sides or ends of the slate for a more immersive movie experience.

Sadly speaking, unlike what was seen on the iPhone 5s, the iPad Air does not have a Touch ID feature: no fingerprint scanning for easy unlocking of the slate. Rather, what we have is the same home button that does nothing else, and if you want to get back to your home screen, unlocking it using your PIN can be a pain in the finger. Thankfully, greeting you with this new iPad Air is the new iOS 7 that blasts with brightly vivid colors and minimalistic designs. As Apple would say, the hardware and the new OS do not just work with each other; they are meant to enhance one another.

Then there’s the said Retina display. That popping display is actually 265pixels per inch, and with a resolution of 2048×1536 for a very immersive viewing experience. The display is also coated with fingerprint-resistant oleophobic coating, so in short, you won’t really need to look for any screen protectors at all (but I am not saying that it is purely scratch-resistant). Colors look sharp and bright enough even under direct sunlight, and thankfully, the responsiveness with the touch seemed smoother and more enjoyable.

Said to be 28% lighter and 20% thinner, what you get with the new iPad Air is a depth of only 7.5mm and a minimum weight of one pound. That said, at first perception, you won’t really enjoy and believe it that much unless you really carried it on your hand. Unlike usual experience with 10-inch slates, carrying the iPad Air felt more like a pleasure than a strain to your arm. Of course, you get tired over time, but the huge development in weight is an added selling point.

Running almost the same good specs as found on the iPhone 5s, the iPad Air also contains the latest A7 chip with 64-bit architecture, followed by an M7 motion coprocessor to track your steps for those fitness needs. You also get all the good stuff like dual-band dual-channel Wi-Fi and MIMO, Bluetooth 4.0, and if you chose the cellular version, of course you get 4G LTE bands support as well. The main camera (iSight) is sadly still at 5MP, and the FaceTime HD front-facing camera at 1.2MP is slightly improved in low-lit situations. Battery life still stays the same at more or less 10 hours of continuous use, and lastly, an iPad Air Smart Cover or Case is also available according to your taste.

The iPad Air of Apple is almost the same identical concept as we’ve seen with the previous generations, but with the exceptions of a more compact build and an enhance powerhouse from within. The iPad Air is exceptionally expensive, but if you want the same power but in a slightly lower price, slash off the screen size and switch for the new iPad Mini.

Apple iPad Air Tablet Computer Price in the Philippines: Approximately Php 22,000.00 (Starting Price)

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